Our Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner.

After the rehearsal we were all off to the rehearsal dinner (duh).

We got there and the cocktail hour was just fun socializing with everyone there and chatting about the wedding and an open bar was quite a hit as well. Eventually I took my bridesmaids aside and gave them their gifts and thanked all of my ladies and it was just so special to me that they were all there. After cocktails we had a freaking delicious dinner and then there were speeches, oh were their speeches.

It was just so funny to hear our friends and family share stories, like how I love my towel time and how my friend Liz knew we were getting engaged and had to keep it secret and how Matt was a silly kid and how I’m sort of a legend in the kitchen (but not for my successes, haha) and how Matt and I were just meant to be and it was all sorts of ridiculous and cute and hilarious.
Pretty much it was just such a fun time with our families and close friends and wedding party and I looooved it.

And of course there were pictures!

me and my siblings, adore.
and the parents join the pic.

all the ladies involved with the wedding
aka my faves.

my sister and her bf getting a little silly.

we’re almost mawwwwied!

love the families getting together!

me with my co-mohs!

Matt and Ryan’s reaction their brother’s speech,
love it.

Ted and JR celebrating the night.

After the rehearsal we all headed back to our respective hotels and rooms and what not (Matt and the boys went to one and I went back to our suite) and my friends surprised me with lots of champagne in my room and it was just so fun!!

Seriously I’m not even kidding though, so much champagne and fun music and eventually we went down to the hotel bar where we ran into a ton of my out of town family so that was just a party all around. Pretty much we closed the place down (well my friends and family did becuase I was psuedo responsible and finally went to bed around 12 or 1).

Basically it was a perfect night with lots of people I love before the big day!

happy tuesday!