Summer comes to Hollywood.

Why hello there Wednesday, how are you? Just like Tuesday and ready for some Hollywood news? Of course you are.

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have my favorite family of Hollywood, the Garner-Afflecks. I mean I might have actually said “awwwwwwwwww” while looking at these pics.

    precious, precious, precious!

    seriously? soccer in the park?
    my heart may have melted a little bit.

  • And not really cute baby but more like cute baby bump is Alicia Keys at her wedding. She got married over the weekend and I just adore this picture and the wittle bump she’s hiding behind her bouquet.

    adore this picture.

  • In other wedding news James Van Der Beek married his pregnant girlfriend, Chelsea Clinton had quite an elegant and somewhat extravagant wedding and apparently T.I. had a second ceremony with Tiny Collette all in one weekend…need a DJ for your wedding? DJ Paul Rudd is right for you, well he mainly does bat mitzfahs…in case you were curious, Bill Cosby is in fact alive (stupid Twitter had me worrying!)…Charlie Sheen has avoided jail time and is instead checking into rehab (isn’t that where every celeb goes when they screw up?)…and speaking of jail time, Lindsay Lohan has escaped! Well not really but wouldn’t that be awesome. Instead, she’s out and straight to rehab as well…Eva Mendes has released her own sex tape, will you watch?…and speaking of zezy, Lea Michelle looks amazing in this new ad for Mark beauty:

    so pretty.

  • In some favoriteness…
    My girl Sandy has been listed as the highest paid female actress and rightfully so (well I might be biased).

    My boy Josh looked quite suave and dapper at the Fox TCAs over the weekend and it really made me want to watch Fringe (AT&T come to me so I can record four shows and watch Fringe again please!)

    helloooo Josh.

  • In today’s Twilight news…
    Breaking Dawn Part II has a release date...November 16, 2012. I still don’ t know how I feel about this last movie because the book was just whacked out. But knowing me I’ll see it but still, oye.

    Rob is looking quite hot in Georgia, I mean really, why don’t guys dress like this any more?! / I cannot wait for this movie (Water for Elephants) to be done and in theaters.

    Ashley Greene was at an event raising awareness for Ovarian Cancer over the weekend and she looked so cute and summery and I just want to be her friend.

    so sweet, so fun.

  • In TV news…
    Dexter. So I finished season 2 and man, so good. I did not see that ending coming and I am a fan. Also love how they finally work the intro into an episode. But yeah I am hooked, but now I have to cut myself off until after the wedding. But oooh love it.

    Project Runway. New season, new people, new challenges and I am a fan yet again. Although why the eff would they keep Casanova (I mean the name alone makes me want to slap him)? And yeah they definitely kept some people I thought should have gone but I totally agreed with the winner’s black dress and man it was just chic and loved it and pretty much hope this is a good season.
    Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. I happened to catch an episode over the weekend and Scott totally freaks me out. Baby Mason, adorable and Kim lay off all that makeup. But yeah Scott, take a step back from being so douchey okay? Thanks.

    The Bachelorette. I guess someone named Ali chose someone named Berto and now they’re getting married in the Spring? My money is on them breaking up in time for November sweeps and her getting another show.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have Lilo’s biggest fan. Seriously WTF is up with this creeper?? Seriously dude go home and take a cold shower please *shudder*

So anything I missed? As always let me know!

happy wednesday!