There I said it.

It’s out there in the open.

Oh wait, you already knew I was getting married a month from today? I’ve already talked about it like 827839573 times? Well darn, not really a surprise then huh?

BUT IN ONE MONTH I WILL BE A MISSUS! (again with the caps, still blaming Nicole, good blame of course).

Basically I have a month left to do all sorts of little things wedding related and I hope you don’t get sick of it and if I ever say “There’s no TIME!” “I can’t do it!” “WE’RE ELOPING” just tell me to breathe and that I’m marrying Matt so it will all be okay.

But yeah that’s all I have to say today. ONE MONTH PEOPLE.

one month and I won’t be a bride-to-be,
but A BRIDE!

and I swear, Hollywood’s coming back tomorrow, there was just too much to get caught up on!

happy wednesday!