Wave hello Hollywood.

Why hello there Hollywood Tuesday, how are you today? Fine? Yes I thought so.

  • Starting out this week’s cuteness we have little Levi McConaughey rocking a new do and walking his dog (that’s almost as big as he is!) and is just all sorts of adorable:

    aw he’s so wittle and cute.

  • Also bringing in some MAJOR CUTENESS is my favorite trio of ladies, Jennifer Garner with little Violet and Seraphina! Seriously they are just all sorts of freaking precious!

    Jen is super mom and the
    girls are super cute!

  • In other bebe news Liam McDermott, Tori Spelling’s three year old son, has a twitter account, and it’s sort of ridiculous and sort of cute…also in bebe news, Vince Vaughn and his wife are expecting a little one and I really hope he says “earmuffs” when it’s born, haha…in non-baby news, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem got hitched in secret (seriously how does anyone in Hollywood do it?), congrats to them…also in secret, Jewel doing karaoke, seriously just watch the video it’s awesome…the first images of Ryan Reynolds as the green lantern came out and I’m slightly intrigued…and apparently Jaden Smith is channeling Erykah Badu these days.
  • In some favorites news…
    WE HAVE A SAM SIGHTING! Okay I sound creepy, but really. I had a Sam crush and then he went away and all I had was Avatar and Terminator and in neither of those movies does he stay fully human, haha.

    what a mighty big bag you have Sam.

    And not only is there a Sam sighting, but a Josh sighting as well. And he’s in a suit! Oooh la la.

    oh you are just so dapper and suave
    and awww swoonface.

  • And in today’s Twilight news….
    First off we have Taylor looking so suave riding a motorcycle on the set of his newest movie, Abduction. I mean seriously, how is he only 18?? because sheesh.

    why hello there!

    Also on set of his latest film, Water for Elephants, is Rob looking so dapper in a tux (seriously he should wear one more often).

    this might be your best look Rob,
    minus the cig.

  • In movie news…
    One for the Money. So I am still bummed about Katherine Heigl playing Stephanie Plum but now we know who will be playing Lula! Sherri Sheppard. Hmmm. I’m not sure how I feel about this either. I guess I pictured Lula as being fuller and having more sass, hopefully Sherri can pull it off ( I’m assuming she’s Lula otherwise she’s just another prostitute, I’m not quite sure).

    And OHMYGOODNESS WE HAVE A RANGER. Apparently some of the cast is on Imdb and RANGER is cast. And it’s this man, not too shabby. But um he definitely needs to bulk up a bit a la Taylor Lautner to hit Ranger status (also I’m a huge nerd right now).

    WAIT UP A SECOND WE HAVE A MORELLI TOO!?! Seriously how is Sherri Sheppard bigger news than the casting of the main guys!? I mean really Hollywood, come on now. Anyhoo apparently Jason O’Mara, Life on Mars alum, will be Morelli and I do not endorse this. I mean he doesn’t even look Italian! Ah Hollywood how you hurt me.

  • In TV news…
    The Hills. So I didn’t watch the finale but I read Oh Hay, It’s KK‘s review and that was all I needed. Well that and I watched the actual ending because it was just so dramatic, and yeah I thought it was fitting. And I saw some pics on PopSugar and yeah, pretty typical attendees minus the blondies I will not name but Lauren, as always looked loverly, heart her (heart her so much I actually just got her book from the library, for shame, I know, ridiculous).

    heart her.

    Dexter. As you know, I’ve watched too many episodes in a short amount of time and my goodness it’s good. But I’m glad I waited to hop on the bandwagon so I didn’t have to wait (I’m bad at waiting).

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have the trailer for the SyFy original movie Sharktopus, because um it’s a movie about a shark/octopus hybrid and seriously who thinks up this shiz? And seriously Julia Roberts brother is in it and um, just wow.

So anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!