A Hollywood supernova.

Hollywood Tuesday actually on a Tuesday!? No way! Way! Okay that was lame. Anyways, Hollywood was happening as always this past week and as always I like to share the best of the best (in my opinion anyways) so here we go:

  • Starting off this weeks’ uber cute bebeness we have the Affleck girls (like that’s a surprise). I mean really, could they be any more precious?! Ah! Heartface, adore, cutenes, lurrrve:

    oh so dang cute.

  • Also bringing some major cuteness to Hollywood we have little Valentine Pinnault (Salma Hayek’s daughter). Seriously she is just so cute and I think she should have a play date with Levi McConaghey and how cute would that be!? Ah! Lurve!

    precious little mini Salma.

  • In some non-bebe news there were several engagements and a marriage announced last week: Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart tied the knot after eight years together, America Ferrera got engaged to her uber cute boyfriend and Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr announced their engagement as well, congrats to all!…in the total opposite of engagement, Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are “on a break“, whatever that means…in other Hollywood whatever weirdness, Jeremy London was allegedly kidnapped and forced to do drugs and it seriously just the weirdest freaking story ever…Chris Klein is in rehab after getting arrested for a DUI last week…and Amanda Bynes has retired from acting apparently (what!? No She’s the Man 2??? I am appalled!)… William, Harry and Becks, enough said…and lastly, Jake Gylenhaal was caught in the act at the Laker game, what act, well just look for yourself:

    oh Jake you really are an ass man after all, haha.

  • In some favoriteness Leo has officially signed on for a Clint Eastwood directed biopic of J. Edgar Hoover. Yay Leo, way to keep on working and being awesome and maybe you’ll get another Oscar nod from this? I mean biopics are Academy Award gold right? Right? Anyways, thanks for being a Lakers fan and being awesome and yeah…

    one. Leo what is that necklace?
    two. I’ll forgive you for it.
    three. who are those kid’s parents that got them tickets
    to the game in front of you!?! say what!???

  • In today’s Twilight news…
    First of all, did you see Rob on Leno!? I mean it might be his best interview ever (well besides the one he did with me, haha, I kid, I kid). It was so cute and joking and adorable and um. Please watch, stat.

    Secondly, Kristen and Taylor are blowing up the international Eclipse tour (I must say it’s quite sad without Rob) and I sort of love her dress at the most recent premiere in Sweden:

    va va vooom.

    And thirdly, the ladies of Letters to Twilight had a BIG weekend. They got to meet and hang out and interview and chat with Stephenie Meyer (and um Stephenie reads their blog, EVERY DAY! How awesome is that!?) So yeah go read their story as its shared because so far I love it. Woo!

  • In music news…
    Can you believe it’s almost been a year since Michael Jackson died? I still can’t and it feels like I wrote this post yesterday. In any case, Billboard magazine is dedicating their newest issue to MJ and some of his hits, I might just have to check it out.

    In other favorite musician news, NKOTB was playing the Radio Music Hall over the weekend and who joined them on stage? Only the Backstreet Boys! Ha! Seriously a boy band supernova right there. I can only imagine how insane that audience was.

    Not really music news persay but it definitely had to be shared. So I’m a Keith Urban fan. I have a secret country side that’s not really secret but Keith is my favorite. And after a story I saw from one of my favorite bloggers, Yvonne, this weekend, he has skyrocketed to awesomeness. Basically Yvonne’s young daughter Gabby is a huge Keith fan and my work of the celebrity gods they ended up on the same flight as him back from Chicago. First there was this tweet that freaking adorable. But this, this right here melted my heart after Gabby had sent Keith a note, he sent her one back! Ah. Nicely done Keith, nicely done. *here’s Yvonne’s recap of the whole event, so so cute!*

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have a dog that has inherited 12 million dollars from it’s deceased owner. Um. What the what? The whole story is nuts especially now that the lady’s son is suing the estate and I have a feeling this might get messy and that dog better not get too used to it’s own driver any more, haha.

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!