Woo for a wedding weekend!

Four flights, sixteen bug bites, unpredictable thunder storms, countless glasses of wine, a fabulous wedding and a ridiculous weekend in Ohio later, I’m back! I could probably use a full week’s worth of sleep but I don’t think I’ll ever be caught up. Anyhoo let’s talk about the weekend shall we?

Thursday: Matt and I had a ridiculously early flight out of LAX to Columbus but we got there early enough to hang out with everyone for a while and even go grab dinner downtown, well on High Street. It was so fun to chat with my girls and my cousin Bryan and Matt and it was just loverly all around. The rest of the night was spent hanging out and watching Grey’s reruns and being silly and just fun.
Friday: Slept in for a bit which was glorious. Then spent the rest of the day hanging out with the girls, eating some brunchness before heading to get our nails done which was awesome. After our nails were done we all got ready and were on our way to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was so fun to see so many college friends and just hang out and give toasts and hear toasts and ah I love weddings. After the rehearsal me, Matt, Liz and Jen all headed to a local dive bar that was having karaoke night and somehow I got talked into singing. It was pretty ridiculous but it was so much fun because me, Jen and Liz (Matt and VA were our cheering squad) sang “Callin Baton Rouge” and man do we love that song. Pretty much a great evening all around.
Saturday: Wedding day! Basically we did a whole lot of nothing before the wedding. Liz and I ran some errands and got me some Caribou apple cider and had lunch and before we knew it it was time to get ready for the wedding.
And in a nutshell the wedding was great and the weather gods were pretty much on our side. The wedding was outside and there was only a little bit of drizzle during the ceremony. And then everything else ended up being inside and it worked out perfectly and it was just such a fun wedding. The band was great, my friends were fun, catching up with college kids I hadn’t seen in a while, the food was delish (there was mac and cheese and raspberry filled cake, basically I was in foodie heaven!), the wine was yummy and ah, can we go back? And of course there are pictures, so here we go:
aw Lindsay and Ethan are just too cute!
and they’re married! hurrah!
Matt and I with the happy couple.
Virginia and Jen are quite stunning bridesmaids.
Meggie (hi!), me and my lovely hostess
for the weekend, Liz, looking loverly.
all the Denison kids! Love it.
we’ve mastered the art of silly faces.
Matt found a new dance partner with Marten.
Virginia and Alex were getting down too.
aw heart these two.
(hi Glynis! hi Rachel!)
aw the veteran married couple, love it.
(hi Megan!)
gotta love a couple that knows how to get down.
Pretty much it was one hell of a dance party wedding and I loved it. Lindsay and Ethan are just the cutest most laid back couple and it was awesome to see them tie the knot. After the wedding VA and Alex had some people over and we ate some pulled pork and drank some more and were pretty much ridiculous. Eventually we made it back to Liz’s place and she did a cartwheel and we all watched some Grey’s reruns and had popcorn and it was glorious.
Sunday: First of all, I wasn’t hungover, hark! Secondly, we slept in and it was glorious. Afterwards me, Liz and Matt met up with Jen and VA at Whit’s oh so fabulous Whit’s. After Whit’s we stopped by Ethan’s mom’s house for a little post wedding brunch soiree. By the time we got there it was just the bride and groom and their families but it was quite fun to see them and hang out some more. Afterwards we went the Park of Roses for a bit and then over to VA and Alex’s to hang out before grabbing some lunch and heading to the airport and before I knew it we were on a plane back home again and the weekend was over.
So yes, it was a great weekend. I love weddings. And only 74 more days until ours, yay!
And how was your weekend? Any weddings for you?
happy tuesday!