A Midwest wedding weekend.

First of all, thank you everyone for your fabulous musical recommendations for our wedding. I mean how could I not already have some of those? So thank you.

And speaking of weddings, today Matt and I are on our way to good ole Columbus, Ohio for my college friend Lindsay’s wedding. And can you believe it’s the only wedding we’re going to this year (well besides our own, obviously)? It’s sort of nuts, but definitely good for my sanity. I don’t think I could have handled last year’s wedding hoopla and then plan my own wedding, no thank you.

But back to this weekend. Lindsay, my sometimes twin friend I’ve known since the first day of college. The girl who got me my college job and who’s older brother invited us to his parties and it was awesome. The same girl who did shots of lemon vodka with me when we decided it tasted like pledge. And the same girl who has been with the same guy since freshmen year of college and now they’re getting married!

Basically I’m all sorts of excited for Lindsay and I can’t wait to be back in Ohio (shut your face I went to school there and I secretly love the midwest) and back with some of my favorite ladies and just to have a vacation again and yay all around.

Anyhoo I’m off and away and will maybe make it back on Monday but it’s highly unlikely since our plane doesn’t land til 11:30 (oh yes Monday’s going to be an awesome day at work) and I’ll probably be sleepy and whiny so Tuesday it is!

Hope you all have a loverly weekend, enjoy the sun, get your dancing shoes on and have some fun! (seriously am I promoting summer or what?)

happy thursday/weekend! weeeeeeee!