Top Ten Friday – TV Show Edition.

If you haven’t caught on by now, it’s no surprise that I watch a lot of TV. I have always watched a lot of TV and had lots of favorite shows over the years so I figured why not share another Top Ten of my favorite TV shows from past and present. So here we go…

10. Friends. Yes I realize this show is probably number 1 in a lot of people’s books but as much as I loved it, it’s still only 10. I started watching this show when it first came on and my friends thought I was crazy (I mean hello I was in 5th grade, not many 5th graders get the show) but I loved it. I always laughed and I probably had a crush on Chandler. I even got to go to a taping once and it was Phoebe’s baby shower and ah, it was awesome. And to this day reruns still crack me up.

9. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Another awesome show that I got to see live. Also a show who’s theme song I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Basically if you didn’t like this show something is wrong with you. Just so you know.

8. The Big Bang Theory. Oh my goodness how have I not been watching this show since it debuted? I laugh so hard tears come rolling out while I watch almost every episode. I want Sheldon to me my friend simply because it would be endless entertainment to not extent and I’d always learn something new and Raj, oh Raj is just hilarious. Basically you need to watch this show.

7. Medium. A little trippy, a little sci-fi and also a little real. I love the dynamic of the of the Dubois family and how they have real problems and real issues and they’re just so cute. On top of it all Allison can help the DA solve crimes in her sleep, crazy.

6. Law and Order: SVU. If ever I was a victim of a crime I would want Elliot and Olivia on the case for sure. Basically one of the first crime shows I started watching and I’ve seen more episodes than I can keep track of. I don’t ever ever want them to leave because they are the best. Clearly.

5. Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve been watching since the beginning and yes it’s gotten a little nuts and lost some key doctors over the years but I still love it. I man really McSteamy? Yes please. And can Cristina Yang be my cynical BFF already because she is quite awesome.

4. Criminal Minds. Although this show is twisty and creepy and sometimes freaks me out I love it. I love the team dynamics (especially Garcia and Morgan, they are the BEST) and just the team overall. Pretty much an amazing crime show I hope never goes away.

3. The Mentalist. Not only is it a crime show but it’s funny too! And hello it has Simon Baker in it and I’m pretty sure you all know how I feel about him. I also love that Rigsby is British and Cho is just awesome and yes, love this show and you should too.

2. How I Met Your Mother. Can Barney Stinson be my best friend already? And can I go on double dates with Lily and Marshall? Seriously this show makes me laugh almost every episode and it’s ridiculous and cute and the blue horn and the goat and the slap bet, it’s all amazing.

1. Dawson’s Creek. Although I still haven’t seen all of season 6 (my freaking school didn’t have the WB, it was devastating) Dawson’s Creek will forever be in my heart as the one show I HAD to watch. I mean I own all six seasons, I heart Joshua Jackson like wo and I remember ridiculous little facts from ridiculous little episodes. And when I went to the small meet and greet event last year it just felt right.

And that my friends is my top ten TV shows. Coming close to the top ten were a few other faves: Greek, Desperate Housewives, CSI: NY, CSI:, Fringe, Glee, Studio 60 and Brothers and Sisters. As you can tell this list doesn’t cover reality TV because let’s be honest that’s a whole other beast of television.

Anyhoo, what would be on your top 10? or top 5? Any of our shows overlap?

happy weekend!