One bad ass Bachelorette Party.

I almost don’t even know where to begin to sum up one of the best weekends ever, but I guess I should try.

Pretty much my bachelorette weekend was everything I could have hoped for and a bagillion times more. Going into the weekend I had absolutely NO idea what to expect or what was going to happen and that perfectly fine with me. Friday night I picked up some of my college friends from the airport and on Saturday we hung out during the day and at night was when all the bachelorette fun began!

My maid of honors, Jen and Megan, had set up all sorts of cute pink table cloths and food and wine and banners at Megan’s parents’ house and it was just all sorts of bridal and super cute. We had some food before playing some games and drinking some wine and it was just all sorts of fun. Eventually the games got a little more raunchy and ridiculous and lots of laughs were had and then gifts were opened and there were cupcakes and more wine and more laughs and before I knew it it was 8:30 and to my surprise there was a LIMO! A LIMO people, A LIMO (in case you didn’t know I love limos) to take all of us to Hollywood and party it up. And party we did well into the night and it was awesome.

Basically here are the facts:

  • My sister took 177 pictures on my camera, several other friends took pictures. Needless to say, my night was well documented.
  • My white dress stayed white magically.
  • There were penis straws, a penis candle, playdough penises, a penis necklace, and a jelly penis.
  • There were also cupcakes, win win all around.

  • I had to put a lot of marshmallows in my mouth and man was it awkward/hilarious/slightly tasty/drooltastic.
  • I shed tears of happiness at least five times throughout the night because I was just so happy and drunk and all around happy to have so many people I love around me.
  • Shots still aren’t my friends, although they are tasty little bastards.
  • Wearing a tiara and a sash declaring my bachelorettehood is all sorts of awesome.
  • My friends are all sorts of fabulous and wonderous and all sorts of kick ass.

And now for some pictures, woo:

what? I didn’t want to spill on my dress, haha.
my DU girls rocked the tissue paper dress, so funny.
my fabulous co-MOHs, seriously the BEST.
a mouth full of marshmallows, too funny.
mmmcupcakes….and a penis candle, haha.
everyone’s playdough penises, way too funny.
all the ladies showing some leg, oooh la la.
some of my fave college gals, heart them big time.
rockin my penis necklace
and super cute smiles, thanks Jen!
one of my fave pics of the night.
limo shot, woo.
getting some shots at the bar, woo woo.
aren’t we adorable? and ridiculous? haha.
my sister and Brittany rocking out
at the end of the night.
I’m the bride and I’ll dance on a couch
if I want to.

And that my friends is my ridiculous Saturday Bachelorette night in a nutshell. I know there is so much I’m leaving out (I mean hello, I wasn’t totally sober) and pictures I just can’t share but man was it fun to dance around saying I’m a bride-to-be and have a fabulous time with so many friends I love.
So if you see me wearing that tiara or rocking the sash any time soon just smile and nod okay? I can’t get away with it for too much longer :)
happy wednesday!