3 Months.

3 months people, 3 little months. 92 days!

3 months until I’ll be rocking a white (well technically ivory) dress down an aisle on top of a museum with Matt and the end waiting for me.

I mean really people how nuts is that?

I know you might get sick of all these countdowns but I know that the next 92 days are going to fly by and I might have some mini freak outs (let’s hope not) and things will get checked off lists and calls will be made and emails sent and yes just awesome and crazy and ah all around.

And what better wait to commemorate 3 month til the big day than with my bachelorette party this weekend?!?

Yes last weekend was Vegas and this weekend so many of my closest friends are coming together for my bachelorette party/weekend and I don’t even know the plan (I like surprises so I stayed in the dark about it all) but I cannot wait, I can only imagine that it will be epic and wonderous and fabulous and just win all around.

And totally unrelated but completely necessary it this picture of an attempt at a two person airplane brought to you by me and Nicole, courtesy of Doni’s camera:

we were trying to recreate last year’s pic she took with
although I realized that Matt didn’t lift his leg.
so I think we win for trying.
also, ridiculous.

Anyhoozits I hope you all have a fabulous long weekend and expect ridiculous stories and pictures and all sorts of happy to just seep from this blog when I return next week, woo!

happy weekend!