Mustaches, a Gummy Bear and the end of an era.

And I’m back. After a brief battle with congestion and exhaustion I am back. Well let’s hope so at least.

Anyways, despite the weekend ending sickness it was still a great weekend overall, so here we go.
Friday: After work Matt and I went out to dinner at a new place (well new to us at least), Malbec. Basically it was one of my birthday gifts to Matt, Argentinean food, and it was delicious. We each had a pasta dish and wine and it was just all around a great way to spend the night together. Afterwards we just came home and hung out and watched some TV and drank some more wine and had a lovely evening in.
Saturday: After sleeping in a bit I was on my way to do some present shopping for Matt’s birthday party while Matt went off to do some cooking. In the midst of my errands I also managed to find something for myself: Wedding Shoes!! I went and retried on the Steve Madden ones and they were on sale and I was in love, so I just bought them! Don’t worry I also got some fun stuff for Matt, like cupcakes and balloons and his gifts, so basically it was a success. After my day o errands I finally went over to Matt’s mom’s house to help set up for Matt’s birthday party. It was also a little bittersweet because it was the last party we’d ever be having at his mom’s house since she moves out this week. I can’t even begin to count how many parties have been over there since high school but it is definitely the end of an era.
Anyhoozits I had Matt open his birthday presents before the party started and man were they awesome:
a book of dirty Italian phrases and word.
and the world’s largest gummy bear!
seriously this thing is amazing, best gift ever.
Awesome right? Pretty much the silliest gifts I could think of giving and I was way too amused with myself. Nonetheless the party started a little after and there was sort of a theme of retro (whatever that meant to anyone) and we just went with it and had a grand ole evening:
my sister and her boyfriend in their best 80s wear.
Matt makes the best faces sometimes, haha.
Matt blowing out his birthday candles, woo!
also loving Steve’s moves in the background.
Steve and Kat having a good time.
nothing like playing some beer pong to make the
night awesome.
or how about getting my future mother-in-law
to toss a few? now that is awesome.
Nick and Pat rocking out some ridiculous outfits, love it.
me and Brian making faces with our mustaches!
(thanks Hillary!)
All in all it was a great last hurrah with mustaches and cupcakes and beer pong and crazy clothes and BBQ and laughs and pool dives and ridiculous music selections and great friends and Matt’s birthday and all sorts of wonderousness that I’m going to miss.
Sunday: Woke up early and met my family for a nice Mother’s Day brunch at El Torito. Nothing like starting the day off with mimosas and Mexican food, yummmay. After brunch Matt and I came home to relax for a bit before heading off to lunch with his family at the Counter. Pretty much it was a lot of food in a short period of time and that whole fit into my wedding dress thing is looking pretty hard lately, haha. After lunch I came home and napped for a long while (staying up til 3 on Saturday definitely requires a nap) before heading to my parent’s house for dinner and a movie. My mom, sister and I watched The Wiz since we had just seen the play production a couple months ago. It was pretty good. After that Matt and I headed home and relaxed while I could feel sickness coming on even more so after watching SNL I went to bed and there I stayed until late Monday.
So how was your weekend? Any craziness or silly stories to share?
happy tuesday!