Squishy squishy Hollywood cuteness.

Hollywood say what? Say it’s time for a Hollywood post? Well here we go then:

  • Starting off this week we have the squishiest, cutest and newest baby to join the Hollywood ranks. Louis Bardo Bullock! In case you missed it, my fave, Sandy Bullock, adopted the most precious little boy and seriously I squealed when the news broke and even more so when I saw his wittle face. So yes of course I went and bought my first People mag in a long time and I wish more of the pictures were online but this cover is freaking adorable as is.

    squishy, squishy cuteness!!

  • Also Bringing in some major cuteness we have Seal with his two sons, Henry and Johan, at the Lakers game last week. Seriously their hair?! I want my future kid to have that hair!

    ummm heart melting.

  • Speaking of the bebes, another one of my fave Hollywood couples, Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, announced that they are expecting their third child! Congrats! Now is Jen Garner going to have another bebe soon, because um their kid will need a friend, just saying…Also expecting another baby is Jodie Swetin! Hopefully she’s got her act together to raise a new baby on top of her toddler daughter Zoie, but congrats!…Congrats are also in order to new daddy Mark McGrath and his fiancee who welcomed son Lydon and daughter Hartley last week…In not so hot news, Halle Berry and her super hot baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, have called it quits. So sad, because Nahla really needs an equally adorable sibling…Also calling it quits, ex-football player and current NBC correspondent Tiki Barber. Why do I care? Only because the reason behind their split almost makes Tiger and Jesse James look decent. Just eck….Also joining the cheaters club, David Boreanaz! Seriously guys, keep it in your pants!…However in some awesome Hollywood news, Betty White is in the new Entertainment Weekly and the cover alone is priceless, heart her and cannot wait for SNL this weekend.
  • In some favoriteness…
    Remember in last week’s post how I mentioned how Taylor Swift showed up and surprised some guys at Auburn and it was all sorts of precious and cute? Well there’s a video to go with it and seriously Taylor Swift is amazing and so sweet and I lurve it.

    Also in some favoriteness, my favorite Hollywood mom, Jen Garner, was out and about in New York and seriously she is just so smiley, it’s clear where Violet gets it from.

    so happy and fun and just aw, heart.

    And one more favorite. My favorite couple in Hollywood looking all swoony and suave at the Met Costume Gala.

    LOVE. like wo.

  • In Twilight news…
    A Breaking Dawn director has been selected! Bill Condon is taking on the task of bringing the weirdest, most complicated book of the series to life. Good luck Bill!

    Also in Twilightness, Rob, Kristen and Ashley Greene were all mentioned in People’s most beautiful list. But I gotta say, Ashley’s pic was the best.

    love the natural beauty.

  • In movie news…
    Don’t know what movies are coming out this summer? Well this lovely little mashup video should help give you an idea.

    Also in movie news, Anchorman 2 has officially been shot down. And I was sort of looking forward to the San Diego news crew together again, oh well.

  • In TV news…
    Glee. Okay this episode was not a strong one but good nonetheless. I felt so bad for Kurt but at the same time didn’t, it was weird. I also loved Mercedes’ number but wasn’t so much a fan of everyone else joining, it was kind of eh. Also, I wish Kristin would have sung a song from Wicked, that would have made my life (for the time being) or even a scene with Idina, but alas that was not the case, oh well. And this week! Tonight! Olivia Newton-John AND Molly Shanon. I would just like one reference of Superstar! thrown in please, just one.

    Top Model. Can someone please explain to me how Angelea booked all six go-sees? I mean really. She looks like a tranny and she’s NOT that pretty, ugh. Also I’ve decided I want Raina to win it all (or Jessica but I don’t think she will) and I cheered when Alasia went home, seriously cheered. Adios! And don’t forget, Four Four covers it best.

    The Office. I watch the Office here and there but I figured it was newsworthy to share that Steve Carell is possibly planning to leave after next season once his contract is up. I would say once he goes the show should too, some shows just can’t go on without the head honcho.

    The Hills. Yes I have retired my Hills watching but ohmygoodness have you seen the kids version? It. is. awesome. So check it out and you won’t ever need to watch the real show again. Also I’m glad to see that Time agreed with me on some of the least influential twats around.

    Desperate Housewives. Check out my recap over at BSC Reviews.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have one of the ickiest and ewest stories I’ve shared in a while. Seriously I hope it’s a hoax because I felt like I had to shower after reading it. Long story short, a grandma and grandson are dating and expecting a child together. Eck

So anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!