Birthday full of sangria, flamenco and friends!

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for all of the lovely birthday wishes/comments/texts/tweets and phone calls! Every single of one of them made me smile and feel oh so very loved so thank you!

Friday: Had a lovely day at work with quite a fun long birthday lunch which was awesome. There was also birthday cake which was fun because really who doesn’t love birthday cake? After work I came home and then Matt and I were on our way to dinner. We went to this posh little wine bar in Pasadena, Vertical, and my aunt Natalie even met us there as a surprise to me. It was a fun dinner with some delicious risotto and mac and cheese and salad and wine and just good times all around. After dinner Matt surprised me with my birthday present….the Elsa Peretti necklace from my wishlist! Seriously that boy is a keeper!! It was also a gift from his parents to me as well but ah I love it, it’s gorgeous. After dinner Matt and I came home, had some wine and relaxed for the rest of the night, quite loverly all around.
Saturday: Slept in a bit before heading off to get my hair cut (wee!) and then went over to my new “neighbors”, Bri and Devin’s housewarming party! It was so fun to just hang out, meet some new people and have lots of delicious food. And before I knew it, it was time to get ready for dinner with my friends! I invited a small group of friends to a tapas place in Pasadena that I’d never been to before, La Luna Negra, and man was it a good time. There was lots of sangria drinking, laughing, all sorts of good food and even some flamenco dancing. Yes flamenco dancing. Because it was my birthday I was called on stage to dance and I downed a glass of sangria and said okay! Basically it was a fabulous night all around and there’s pictures to prove it!
cheers to my birthday! (and my super cute
new necklace, haha)
a table shot, haha.
Megan and JR having a good time.
I was totally on stage, I blame the sangria.
and my friends.
happy birthday to me!
After singing and dancing along to music and drinking tons of sangria we made our way back to our place and walked to our local dive bar for some more drinks and good times.
a birthday glass of wine, woo.
and a birthday shot as well.
and one for Matt as well.
Pretty much it was an awesome night with friends and the guy I love and I couldn’t have asked for more.
Sunday: Happy Birthday to me!! I woke up to plenty of fun texts and emails and it was lovely. After hanging out for a bit Matt and I were on our way to meet my family and his mom for brunch at Green Street (aka the home of the most amazing mimosas ever). Basically it was a delicious brunch with mimosas and eggs and just yum all around! I also got to open some presents from Matt’s mom (a super cute flip flop cup) and a fabulous candy bowl from my sister. After brunch we went to my parents house to open my brothers’ gift to me, another one off of my wishlist, Scrabble! Basically now someone needs to come over and play with us, woo.
After a while Matt and I came home and there were some lovely flowers to greet me which was wonderful. I even fit in a skype date with my BFF Jen which was just superb. Afterwards we just relaxed/napped and watch Avatar (yes, yes we own it I am a fan but it’s not the best movie ever). Once the movie was over we were on our way to my sister’s boyfriend’s house for a BBQ. It was quite the relaxing way to spend my birthday with macaroni and cheese and ribs and just goodness all around. After dinner we spent the rest of the night at home hanging out and watching TV and just having fun, I love birthdays.
So that was my birthday weekend and I wish I could do again today, but alas I have another year to wait for it, haha. And thank you again for all of the birthday love!
happy monday!