Fa la la la Hollywood.

Another Tuesday, another Hollywood post so here we go.

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have Twilight alum, Cam Cigandet, with baby Everleigh. Seriously she is so adorable and I love her little scrunched up face.


  • Next up in bebe cuteness we have little Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. I almost wasn’t going to post this picture but ohmygoodnesstheleatherjacket. And seriously she is a little Shiloh, it’s just precious.

    pouty face? check!

  • And because there is just too much cuteness today I had to share one of my favorite SVU detectives having some mommy and me time on set with her oh so adorable look alike son, August.

    so cute!

  • Also in bebe news, looks like Isla Fisher and Sasha Baron Cohen are going to be parents again, congrats to the super cute family!…Also expecting? Jessica Capshaw aka Dr. Robbins on Grey’s, congrats!…in other happy news, Christina Applegate is engaged!…in not so happy, rather splitsville news, Mel Gibson and baby mama Oxana are dunzo and so is Larry King and his 8th wife (8th!!)…Charlie Sheen shaved his head, is he having a Britney breakdown? Oh goodness…maybe Vivica Fox can help him out with a wig…and Rihanna is supporting my LA Dodgers which is awesome since her boyfriend is one our best players, woo Go Blue!
  • In Twilight news…
    Fact. Kellan Lutz looks good without a shirt on. Example:


  • In TV news…
    GLEE. I know some people don’t get the hype while others are just as into this show as I am. But umm I LOVE musicals, so naturally I am a fan of this show. Anyhoozits, it’s finally back and I loved last week’s Spring premiere. I think I screamed when Idina came on screen because I have a huge girl crush on her (primarily because she’s Elphaba and I LOVE Wicked). And my goodness there was so much drama in the premiere it was nuts! Also, tonight. Madonna episode. Um say what? According to Trent it’s phenomenal and I cannot wait.

    also, Taye, you’re more than welcome to guest star
    on the show as well okay? Thanks.

    Project Runway. I haven’t really loved any designers this season except Anthony and even he didn’t have the best clothes, just the best personality. I have a feeling Emilio is going to take it in Bryant Park but I wouldn’t mind if Seth Aaron won instead, he’s nicer, haha. Also in PR news, one of my faves Carol Hannah revealed her new bridal collection and I’m sort of a fan. If anything just happy for her, woo!

    Top Model. I would be quite alright if Alasia and Angelea went home. They have such ugly personalities it seriously annoys me. Also, Jessica, still a fave. And um Tyra, stop trying to make the jump suit work, stop it! For the full gif-filled recap, check out Four Four as always.

    Desperate Housewives. Check out my review on Sunday’s dramaful episode.

  • In music news…
    Hanson has a new song/video out and it’s so catchy and cute and I sort of like it. Check out “Thinkin ‘Bout Something.” (also, I had no idea they’ve released so many CDs, wow).
  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have a woman who claims that a Wii accident made her a nympho. Um. What? Apparently any vibration gets her going now because of the Wii, haha, ridiculous.

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!