Hollywood Tuesday on a Tuesday? It really is true, here comes some Hollywood your way:

  • Starting off this week’s Hollywood cuteness we have my oh so favorite fam. Seriously I don’t think Jen and the girls can be any more adorable.

    preciousness for the win.

  • Some other adorable girls making their way on the blog again are little Dolly and Charlie O’Connell with Papa Jerry. Seriously they have gotten so cute lately, and love dad spending some time with them.

    so dang cute.

  • In other bebe news, Dawson is going to be a daddy! After recently divorcing his wife, James Van Der Beek announced that him and his new girlfriend are expecting a baby, I wonder if they’ll name it Pacey, haha…speaking of some funny bebe names, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke welcomed a baby boy recently who they named Julian Fuego..um what?! That is awesome…in not so awesome news, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon (mom of two of the most adorable boys in Hollywood) discovered that her husband of nine years has been cheating on her, and she did not hold back, instead she emailed his friends calling him out, wowza…also heading for splitsville is Anna Torv and Mark Valley after a very short marriage…coming a couple years late is a new DS game for the movie Mean Girls and there’s just a little something missing on the cover…Conan’s got a new gig on TBS and I’m actually quite excited for him, I think it’ll be a fun change up and him and George will be a good pair…and Ice T and Aimee Mann had quite the Twitter convo over the weekend, seriously people watch out, it’s on the internet.
  • In some favoritesness, Keanu is clean! And shaven! And handsome! And seriously where is he right now so I can meet him and take a picture with him because this is the Keanu I like.


  • In Twilight news…Jackson Rathbone is looking mighty fine in this new pic and I didn’t think I’d ever say that about him but something about this picture is just so sultry and mysterious and swoony.

    oh hellooo.

  • In movie news…
    Unless you live in a hole you saw that a new trailer for Sex and the City 2 came out. I never really watched the show and have only seen episodes here and there but I did love the first movie and umm I love this new trailer for the second one, especially the fact that Aidan is in it!!! Even more awesome is that a bunch of my girl friends will be here the weekend the movie comes out so we’re going to try and make a date of it and I cannot wait.
  • And in TV news…
    Top Model. Another week where a girl I liked went home. Seriously Ty, seriously? Can we not keep any of the natural beauties on the show? Instead we keep the trannies and the obnoxious? Eck. Anyhoo, per usual check out Four Four for the gif-filled recap of awesome. Also, remember Analeigh? She has a job! An acting job! You go girl (yes I just said that).

    Glee. IS BACK TONIGHT! TONIGHT PEOPLE, TONIGHT!! So exciting. And man there has been so much hype going on I can barely wait to watch it. On top of it, the Madonna episode is coming soon and the kids (and adults) of the show have been doing some fun photo shoots, one of the best being this one for TV Guide. Although I really wonder how they pick which kids get to be in shoots and what not.

    How I Met Your Mother. Marshall got mugged by a monkey?!? Haha, love it.

    Project Runway. Okay I would like Emilio if he wasn’t so damn cocky and I haven’t loved all of his designs but I have a feeling he’s going to win it.

    SVU. Well one. Because Dick Wolf doesn’t have enough to do, he’s created a new Law and Order: LA. Umm yeah don’t know how I feel about that. Two. Chris Meloni isn’t going anywhere! Wahoo! So glad he’s staying because as long as there’s still stories to share I’ll still watch Eliot and Olivia. Three. Chris Meloni and his fam are so dang adorable, lurve it:


  • Lastly in today’s WTF news, we have a story of some serious drinkers. No really, workers went on strike at a brewery in Coppenhagen after they were told to limit the amount of beer they drank on their lunch breaks, haha. Seriously they are all about the drinking it’s ridiculous and hilarious and I want to party with these guys, well maybe.

So that’s it today, anything I missed?

happy tuesday!