A lovelypants weekend.

Well I’ve gotta say, I actually had one hell of a relaxing weekend. Well relaxing when I wasn’t busy sneezing or sneezing. So here we go…

Friday: Left work a bit early to go back to the car rental place where to sign some more stuff and keep the Beetle for the weekend. Afterwards Matt and I headed to our friend Mike’s house to hang out a bit before going to dinner. It was quite a fun dinner, just the three of us, enjoying lots and lots of sushi (really though, we ordered a bit too much but man was it delicious). After dinner we all just hung out for a bit before heading to a bar with a couple friends. And really, I heart my guy friends. It was karaoke night at the bar and although none of my friends did it there were some great impersonations throughout the night. On top of it although the phrase “ear muffs” was said to me several times I basically ignored it and it was sort of fun being one of the guys again, haha.
Saturday: Slept in for a bit before spending the morning cleaning up our closet and all that fun jazz before catching up on the DVR and napping a bit and yeah it was loverly. Eventually Matt and I made our way to the west side to have dinner with our friends Gianni and Laura. It was quite fun to just hang out and have wine and eat pasta and talk and all that super stuff. After dinner our friend Steve came over who was in town from Tucson and we drank some more sangria, had some laughs, played some Rock Band (well I spectated more often than anyone because I am HORRIBLE at that game, I mean even Easy is hard for me, it’s ridiculous, haha). Basically it was another good night with good friends, superb.
Sunday: Slept in which was glorious. Then basically spent my day dancing around the apartment, cleaning up, going grocery shopping, coming home and relaxing, watching Paper Heart and just having a good ole day of me while Matt was at his dad’s watching the Master’s. It was also a lovely day for a pedicure and taking pictures of my nail polish collection…obviously:
clearly I need to expand my color palette, haha.
So yeah it was that kind of lazy day which is fine by me at the crazy pace life has been going lately. However the evening was a little more fun and Matt and I went and saw Clash of the Titans. It wasn’t all that great but I didn’t mind looking at Sam Worthington for two hours (even if he never took his shirt off, seriously what is that all about!?!?). After the movie we met up with my sister and her boyfriend for dinner and drinks and had a grand ole time. Then the end of the night was spent drinking a bit, watching some TV and saying goodbye to a lovely weekend. Basically all sorts of awesomeness.
And how was your weekend? Relaxed and lazy or super crazy??
happy monday!