A love/hate kind of day.

Love: It’s Friday.

Hate: It took way too long to get here.
Love: My sunburn has finally turned into a tan.
Hate: It’s tanned everywhere but my nose which has decided to peel and be dry and yucky and makes me wish I cared about putting makeup on.
Love: Digorno pizza.
Hate: That Matt and I decided to eat it for dinner last night after walking three miles, just a little counterproductive.
Love: I’m currently driving my 7th grade dream car.
Hate: The fact that my car is a mystery to even the technicians. Seriously my car is an ’06, a toddler car it should not be having so many issues and I just want it fixed.
Love: Silly chats with friends.
Hate: Not being able to have them in person (seriously why is everyone so far away from California??).
Love: 75 and sunny. I mean really, dresses all week are glorious.
Yeah there’s nothing to hate about that, lurrrrrve sunny weather.
What are you loving and hating today?
happy friday!