Ciao Bella!

A month and a half ago I mentioned on the Bridal Bloggettes how Matt and I were going to Italy for our honeymoon and a couple of days ago it got even closer to being a reality. As some of you probably saw my tweet or my Facebook status we booked our plane tickets!
Um, say what? Plane tickets to Italy have been purchased! Ahhhhhhhhhyaaaaaaay!
That was about my reaction. Well that and I told Matt to hold my hand as I clicked the ‘purchase’ button so I knew it’d be okay.
So yes we are headed to Italy, for thirteen days! Ahhhhhhhyaaaaaaay!
As for an itinerary so far this is what we have:
Fly into Venice.
Stay in Venice a couple of days.
Go on a gondola ride.
Take a train to Cinque Terra.
Possibly stay the night?
Enjoy the beach.
Take a train to Florence.
Stay in Florence/Tuscany a couple days.
Drink a lot of wine.
Take a train to Rome.
Stay a couple days.
Do some historical stuff.
Fly on home.
Sounds awesome right? Yeah well we’re hoping it will be. We don’t have anything else really planned our booked, just the flight but we’re working on it. And all suggestions are totally welcome but since it’s our honeymoon I know we’ll just be doing a whole lotta nothing and relaxing and wine drinking (ooooh the wine, I can’t wait….and I swear I’m not an alcoholic, haha).
So in about 5 months we’ll be here…
And I cannot wait!!
happy thursday!