Bullies are not welcome here.

Although today is April Fool’s Day and the beginning of the best month ever (hello it’s my birthday month, haha) and I originally had a very lighthearted post ready to go I just couldn’t put it up with something else so serious on my mind. A couple of days ago I saw this story on the news about a high school girl that committed suicide and nine of the kids that continuously bullied her are being charged for various crimes contributing to her death.

Basically it makes me so incredibly sad and angry all at once that nothing is done about bullying when so many severe cases end with either suicide or a school shooting. How can this not be a serious issue that is addressed before it’s too late???

For example, when I was younger a guy in my class would harass me and make fun of my ears, no big deal. However one day he followed me and my friend home (I lived around the block from the school) shouting obscenities and just being plain mean. Needless to say it scared the crap out of us and the first thing I did when I got home was tell my dad.

The next day my dad was at my school talking to my teachers telling them what happened and was even allowed to talk to the boy by himself. Now I don’t really know what my dad said to the kid but he never harassed me again. Heck I don’t think he ever made fun of anyone after that and even sort of became a friend. My dad even gave him a basketball at Christmastime because he realized the kid didn’t really have any support at home and just needed someone to listen to him and help him change his ways and that’s exactly what my dad did.

Now I know that what I experienced is nothing compared to what this girl went through and what any kid can go through these days now that there’s Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, texting, etc. but it still hurt and I was glad someone listened to me and took it seriously.

I just wish that more people would either one. stop bullying because it’s just ridiculous or two. listen to the people that are getting bullied and see if there’s a way to help. Yes a little banter here and there is not too bad but when it comes down to daily harassment and ridicule, something needs to happen before it goes too far.
Although bullying is not a new issue, I’m glad that it’s finally getting a new spotlight albeit at the expense of a young girl’s life. Let’s just remember, bullying is not something to be taken lightly.
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