Kiss me I’m (almost) Irish!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day today I decided to share what I’m thankful to Ireland for.

  • Irish nachos. I mean really have you had these?? They are freaking delicious.

  • Kelly Green. Yes, the color. And yes I know that Ireland didn’t necessarily make it up but it is very much associated with the lovely country and the fabulous holiday it provides.
  • Pots of gold. Because who doesn’t love pots of gold? I would actually appreciate one right now, that would be nice.
  • Irish soda bread. Have you had this before? I had it for the first time last year and man was it tasty.

  • Irish accents. Almost as hot as Australian accents but hot nonetheless and I mean really who’s not a fan of accents?
  • Jigs. Jigs are fun and silly and ridiculous and how can you not love them?
  • Gaelic Storm. This band is awesome and provide me with such gems as “Pina Colada in a Pint Glass” and “Hills of Connemara” (which is from the steerage dance scene in Titanic and how could I not LOVE that!) and “Fish and Get Fat.”
  • And what I want to thank Ireland for the most??…..Why Matt of course!!

    my most favoritest Irish man.

Hope you all have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day!

happy wednesday!

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