The date has been saved.

by katelin on March 4, 2010

So I realized that I posted our Save the Date post cards over at the Bridal Bloggettes but not here yet. But then I thought about it and it was sort of a good thing I hadn’t posted here yet because they just went out in the mail on Monday (seriously are we already six months out??? weeee!) and I wanted them to be a surprise for people and lots of friends read this blog.

So now that they’ve had a couple of days to get into people’s mail boxes I can’t not share them here as well because ummm they’re just too awesome. Basically I owe Rachel big time for helping me out so much and basically designing the whole thing with some direction from me.

And without further adieu…

Basically I am in love and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! And now the real countdown begins….6 months to go! Squeeeeee!

happy thursday!
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