Weekendtini on the rocks.

Oh what a weekend, seriously it was ridiculous and awesome, I loved it. So here we go:

Friday: After a 5 o’ clock celebration at work I headed off to meet Matt and his family for a birthday dinner for his brother Ryan. We went to this steakhouse in Glendale and man was it tasty. Seriously it was a little overwhelming but man was it amazing. After dinner we spent the night hanging out, drinking wine and having a good time all around.

Saturday: Holy rainfall. Seriously it was pouring all day it was a wee bit ridiculous. However I did get some productive stuff done which was awesome and once Matt left I watched 500 Days of Summer finally. Eventually I was on my way to Tara‘s for her Girls Night Out party.

Basically we had a fabulous night out including dinner, a limo ride, and all sorts of awesome for Tara and some of her friends. It was a great time getting to meet and hang out with some of Tara’s friends that I had met before and some that I hadn’t.

eating some delicious Kogi BBQ.

all the ladies outside the limo
having some fun.

me and Quynh in the limo

me with the fabulous hostess and our
oh-so-delicious belinis.

the bar at Bar Centro was quite awesome looking.

loved all of the decor.

All in all it was a great girly night with photo shoots, stripper poles, tasty drinks, a limo and a fabulous good time. Also, check out Tara’s recap and video for more on the lovely night.

Sunday: Finally got to sleep in for a bit before heading out for some spending. Seriously? I’ve been shopping and spending a lot lately, I really need to cut it back. But ohmygod I got some cute stuff. I got a new dress shirt and a dress and some sandals and my first pair of non-walking tennis shoes in about six years, haha.

*the pillow is also a new purchase from Target
and man is it soft!

seriously heart these like wo!

The rest of the day was spent watching TV, walking at the Rose Bowl, watching Taken, relaxing some more, heading to Barney’s for dessert with some friends, and more hanging out.

Basically it was a fabulous weekend.

And how was your weekend? Avoid the rain or snow or sleet?

happy monday!