A super sweet day in Hollywood.

Another lovely week in Hollywood and go!

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have the oh so adorable Suri Cruise and ohmygod she’s wearing a coat!

  • Also bringing some major cuteness is little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her sister Z. The whole family was actually out and about but these are by far the cutest and most freaking adorable, I mean really, monkey ears? How do you not love that?

  • Moving on from the bebes and on to some other Hollywood news…John Mayer, although his music is good, needs to never give interviews again…Brooke Mueller is in rehab, seriously her and Charlie need to get their act together, at least for their sons…Britney Spears had a very McLovely Valentine’s Day…Prince William rocks the cover of Hello magazine and he looks pretty good, oh the magic of Photoshop…Kevin Smith got kicked off a Southwest flight and yet again the power of Twitter was revealed…Ryan Reynolds is the new face of Hugo Boss and oh what a nice face it is…and new stills from Lady Gaga’s “Videophone” shoot have been released and they’re pretty damn ridiculous and all sorts of awesome.
  • In some favorites news, Lauren Conrad is a best selling author yet again. And is it bad that I am slightly curious to check her books out?

  • In Twilight news…Dakota Fanning is all grown up and so couture in Vogue Italia. I seriously love this photo shoot and these pics are just so fun.

    Also in Twilight news, Rob oh Rob is moving on and this pic with his Remember Me costar Emilie is just so divine.

  • In movie news…
    Valentine’s Day. I have yet to write my review but I did enjoy the movie. However I can’t get over the fact that Julie Roberts got paid half a million dollars for every minute she was in the movie. Um can I get that job? Please!
  • In TV news…
    Glee. Seriously can it be April yet? Well there have already been some sneak peeks into the Madonna episode but I don’t want to watch those, however what I can share is that Molly Shannon is being added the vast array of guest stars coming the second half of the season and I cannot wait.

    Grey’s Anatomy. One. As cute as it is that McSteamy was ready to be a dad to Sloane’s baby I’m glad she’s leaving because really this show does not need a baby. Two. Lexi and Karev again? What’s going to happen when Izzy is back once again? Huh? Three. I can’t wait for Bailey to go on a date with hottie doctor (he needs a better nickname).

    Project Runway. Can Anthony please be my BFF? He’s a pretty good designer and he’s hilarious and entertaining and ah, he is so making this season enjoyable.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have one of the dumbest most annoying celebrities out there becoming a mom, apparently. And no I’m not talking about Hei…er I can’t even finish her name, but instead Tila Tequilla. Someone is letting her adopt a child from Russia. Um what? Why?? How!?!

So that’s today’s Hollywoodness, anything I missed let me know!

happy wednesday!