Look, over there!

Over there! Really. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been blogging in a couple other places lately and I realized I hadn’t really broadcasted it here yet. So here we go.

Pretty Sandy Reviews
. My review blog? You almost forgot about it didn’t you? Well I’ve reviewed a couple movies and some jewelry and some other schnazzy stuff lately, so take a peek why don’t ya. Oh and right now I have a sweet giveaway going on for a $50 Macy’s gift card in honor of National Go Red Day, so check it out!!

BSC Review
. They just got a whole new purdy redesign and I lurve it. And I’ve been adding my two cents in every Monday about Desperate Housewives, because yes I am still watching that show and I am still mildly entertained.

The Bridal Bloggette. I’m getting married and instead of taking up this blog with wedding talk, I’m contributing to this fabulous creation of several blogging brides-to-be (and a few that are already married) sharing our wedding planning experiences as we go along. I’ve posted a couple times and I’m loving it already. So check us out and the LA Bloggette, that’s me!

Okay so it’s not that many places but somehow I’ve been blogging a lot lately and I appreciate any love you have to share :)

What about you? Writing somewhere I don’t know about yet? Share it here!

happy thursday!

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