Yesterday someone told me that they thought I lost weight. And it was sort of awesome. It’s always a pleasant surprise when hard work pays off. In this case my hard work has been walking several days a walk to train for the half marathon I’m walking in in a month and getting out of bed an hour early almost every day to do some Wii Fit before I go to work.

Yes it is nuts, Yes I am tired, Yes I feel better after doing it and Yes I am finally motivated. So motivated in fact that I am putting it out here on the blog for all to see and all to keep me in check. I’m not even kidding, I won’t mind if someone says “so hey how was that Wii work out this morning?” because I want to be able to answer and say I did it. Not only that, Matt just bought me EA Active and I can’t wait to try it out this weekend.

Seriously who am I? Excited to work out. Well I’d say it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing I’m trying to be a loser, a good thing I’m motivated, good thing I have a goal and it’s a good thing I’ve put it out there.

So internet, I am determined to be a loser and a loser I will be. Hurrah!

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happy friday!