Weekend done right.

Oh another weekend come and gone…but wait, it’s not gone, because I have today off…wooooord (yeah I just said word, haha). However tomorrow’s post (if I can get it done today) is going to be Golden Globe centric, woo, so I figured I’d share some of my weekend today. So here we go….

Friday: Had a nice night in with Matt, made some dinner, watched some TV, played some Scene It on the Wii, pretty much lovely. Those are some of my favorite kind of nights and I’ll take them when we have them because man when we get busy we usually get busy fast so quiet nights are a good thing.

Saturday: Checked out a florist with Matt (ooooh flowers!), then ran some errands which included putting a dent in my wallet at Old Navy (seriously I spend way too much money there), then did some cleaning up at home before eventually heading out to dinner with Matt, my sister, her bf and my cousin Kenji (hi Kenji!) and his gf Kristine in town from NorCal. It was quite the fun filled dinner and then we came back to our apartment for a rousing game of Apples to Apples while watching the Hangover. Basically another great night with some great people.

a pretty old pic of me and Kenji
but I had to give the photo shout out too :)

Sunday: Woke up early to walk at Griffith Park, before coming home to do a whole lot of cleaning and reading and then Golden Globe watching. Seriously I love awards shows, they make me happy. And it reminded me how much I love watching these shows with people that love it as much as I do or are just amused by my reactions, so with that I’m pretty sure I have to have an Academy Award party, woo.

And that was my weekend. Simple. Lovely. Wonderous.

happy monday!

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