The Guest List Blues.

So it’s been a while since I’ve done some wedding talk and I figured today was as good as any to get some things off my chest.

For one, Matt and I rock. I’m pretty sure we’re one of the easiest couples to please and to work with and yes that does sound a bit arrogant but really, I think we are. We don’t have any ideas set in stone so we’re super flexible with people’s ideas and proposals and we’re nice.

So with that said, in the past month we’ve managed to hire a photographer, meet with a potential florist (meeting with another one this weekend) and booked a hotel block for our friends to stay in. Pretty much we’re right on track (so people stop telling me how soon August 28th is, I know when it is, haha) where we want to be and we’re slowly checking more things off our to-do list and it’s awesome.

I love that we’re doing so much together and being so efficient and it’s just all sorts of sweetness. However, what’s not so sweet and what I’ve been dreading since we first got engaged? THE GUEST LIST.

We’ve already sort of worked on the guest list before but now we really have to get serious since Save the Dates go out next month and I’m having heart palpitations just thinking about it. I feel bad because I’ve freaked out on Matt saying how it just sucks because there are so many people I want there and we can only afford so many and yeah I’m a whiner sometimes.

Basically we both have huge families and have kept in touch with a lot of friends and yeah narrowing it down has just been difficult to say the least and I tend to freak out and whine and complain and wish that we’d magically get more money to invite more people but I know that’s just not happening.

So in the meantime I love everything about our wedding except the guest list. How did you/will you/should I get over the guest list blues? Maybe just start picking names from a hat, haha?

However, when I’m not freaking out about the guest list I’ll be making Matt practice some dance moves with me, because I need some serious help and hello I can’t step on his feet during our first dance!

happy wednesday!

*I realized I say “So” a lot and as an English minor I should be ashamed, but umm yeah I’m not.