The weekend was Fact not Crap.

It was a pictureless fabulous and all sorts of busyness weekend. So busy in fact that I’m so exhausted and today’s recap will most likely be short and sweet.

Friday: After work, came home and had dinner with Matt and invited my best friend Megan over as well. Had a lovely time hanging out and eating and drinking wine. Eventually the neighbors came over and we played some Movie Fact or Crap while watching the Hangover. Eventually we just watched the movie, which I swear gets funnier every time we watch it, and drank wine and it was all sorts of loverly.

Saturday: Basically the day went like this. Check out potential wedding photographer with Matt. Home to take down Christmas decorations finally. Check out another wedding photographer in the complete opposite direction. Dinner with my parents. See a play with my mom. Drink some wine and watch TV with Matt for the rest of the night. Rinse and repeat.

Sunday: Went a bit like this. Matt went to Long Beach to watch football. I went to the grocery store in my pajamas to buy milk. Had breakfast. Gave myself a pedicure. Wore a skirt and t-shirt (yes I needed to note that because it is January and LA missed that memo). Did all sorts of useful shopping. Walked six miles with my mom and aunts. Came home to watch movies and TV and relax with Matt and say goodbye to the weekend.

So that was my weekend, nothing too exciting but fun nonetheless. And how was yours?

oh and just because I don’t really like a post without a picture, enjoy this pic of Simon Baker because I’m ready for some new episodes of the Mentalist and he’s a dream boat. :)

happy monday!