Hollywood the entertainer.

Another Tuesday, another week in Hollywood, woo!

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have my future children look-a-likes. Seriously, Garcelle Beauvais boys are so freaking adorable I really hope my kids look like them.

    so so precious!!!

  • Next up in the cuteness group we have the goofy Madden-Richie family. Seriously Harlow is such a doll and Sparrow is well a baby, but still cute, haha. Now if only Joel would get in on the silly next time.

    so silly and cute.

  • Moving on from the babies and on to some of my favorites. Seriously my favorites are all over the place and I love it.

    First of all we have one of my favorite leading ladies, Sandra Bullock on the newest Entertainment Weekly looking both hilarious and zexy, seriously how does she do it?

    heart her.

    Also in favoriteness, Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are still as cute and adorable as ever! Just in case you didn’t know that. I mean they’re all bundled up and holding hands and just cuteness!

    love. them. together.

    And lastly we have Violet’s mom, Jennifer Garner rocking the alma mater pride (seriously heart her even more). On top of that she’s also look quite fabulous in the newest W magazine, check some of it out here.

    woo, go big Red!

  • In other favoritesish news, Meryl Streep is amazing. Not only is she a wonderful actress but she is flawless looking. I mean really how does she look so good?

    so glam.

  • And in today’s Twilight news…
    Eclipse comes out in 197 days. Too soon? Haha.

    Taylor Lautner hosted SNL this past weekend and apparently it was just so-so. I have it on my DVR but haven’t watched it yet. But I still heart Taylor.

    Kellan Lutz and Anna Kendrick (seriously I need to see Up in the Air, love that she’s got a main role in it!) attended a Salute to Young Hollywood Party last week and they looked quite good, if only they had posed together.

    oh la la.

  • In TV news…
    Jersey Shore. Yeah this show is still a mess. However they’re apparently not going to air the knock out to Snooki any more. I mean it’s not like it was publicized all over the place or anything, sheesh. However in case you weren’t laughing enough while watching the show check out this fabulous drinking game, haha, thank you LiLu.

    Glee. Oh what a finale! Apparently Puck is in a fight club (love it). Mercedes solo performance gave me goosebumps and I’m glad Rachel acknowledged how amazing she was. I’m so glad all the secrets are out that Finn knows about Quinn and Puck and Emma and Shue and yay! I loved the number they performed at sectionals and how Shue was on the phone listening and it was just awesome. And so glad Sue got kicked out for the time being. And so glad they won and Shue and Emma kissed!! Seriously why do we have to wait until April for a new episode?? I need my weekly fix of musical, haha.

    And unrelated Idina Menzel is officially coming to the show!!! Squeeeee! Heart her so so much, I hope she sings on the show because um yeah that would be a waste of her talent like they did in Enchanted. So yay Idina!

    How I Met Your Mother. Man I love this show. And even though I know some smokers and I don’t object that often to their smoking I love how the show depicted everyone smoking, so funny. Um love Lily’s smoker voice, hilarious. And really do none of them have DVR?? How had they yet to watch Robin’s show?

  • And lastly in WTF news we have a gem, a woman from Oklahoma who was arrested TWICE in one night. Once for a DUI and then after getting arrested and breaking free she hijacked an ambulance, haha.

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!