A winetastic weekend!

Oh what a wineful wonderful weekend.

Friday: Had a lovely date night with Matt and went to one of our favorite places, Yard House, where I indulged in some lovely grilled cheese and tomato bisque, seriously amazing. After dinner we came home, played some Wii, watched the Lakers have a kick ass win and just had a lovely night together.

Saturday: Did all sorts of errand running and Christmas shopping and party prepping all day long and it was totally worth it. But the highlight of Saturday was my Pretty Wine Label Party (inspired by the one in Chicago of course). I got all domestic like and baked some cupcakes and made apple honey brie bites (thank you Jamie these were delicious!) along with some other goodies that I forgot to take pictures of. But it was a great time with some great ladies who all brought some pretty wine. It was fun to just hang out and be girly and share stories and get to know each other and I’m so glad for everyone that came and that I could introduce so many local bloggers that didn’t know each other. And now some pictures…

my failed attempt at making mini cupcakes,
at least they still tasted good.

Amanda and her fabulous LUCKY wine.

Ali and some delicious Barefoot Moscato wine.

Ev’Yan and her Martinellis, mmmm.

Briana and a red wine I actually liked.

Michelle and her Santa Barbara red wine, so classy.

Andrea and her delicious white wine.

Jenn and one of my favorite wines
and Alex
with her sangria.

the whole group!

I forgot to get a picture of the full lineup,
but this is most of it.

Basically it was quite nice to just have a night with some ladies and be girly and have fun and be honest and drink wine and eat snacks and yeah, good times all around and I can’t wait to do it again.

Sunday: Spent the day watching football at Matt’s brother’s place before heading off to a baby shower with Michaela. It was quite the fun little baby shower with good food and a very excited mom-to-be. Afterwards watched more football and came home and watched my girly Sunday night shows. Twas loverly all around.

And how was your weekend? Any wine involved?

happy monday!