It’s December when…

…I actually have to turn the heater in my car on when I drive home from work.

…I plan my outfit around which scarf I can wear. (yes I know it’s California but I LOVE scarves, don’t judge!)

…our Christmas lights are on every night.

…I’ve listened to the Nutcracker soundtrack six times already.

…there is something to do every single weekend of the month, between Christmas parties and birthdays it’s always busy.

…even though the sun is out it’s not eighty degrees outside.

…I find so much stuff I want to buy for myself when really I should be shopping for others.

…I listen to “Let it Snow” and really wish it would.

…hot chocolate is an every day treat.

Love Actually has been watched a minimum of twice.

…Matt and I (mainly me) wear sweats and a sweatshirt and get all bundled up in our chilly apartment to watch TV and drink some wine and just be us.

I love December.

When is it December for you?

happy friday!

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