A wedding woo!

So remember back in October when Matt and I lost our wedding location? And how I was uber sad and drank lots of wine and convinced myself there wasn’t another great place like it close enough for us to have our wedding and I was just so sad that the one thing I actually had planned no longer wasn’t?

And then remember how a couple weeks ago I said that I just wanted “An amazing wedding location to magically appear and be uber affordable and amazing and perfect to be open on the date we want and to book it, soon”?

Well thank the wedding gods and everyones good vibes and assurances because our wedding prayers have finally been answered and we officially have a new venue!!

Take a moment to absorb that, WE HAVE A NEW VENUE!!! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!! :)

It’s absolutely nothing like what we had originally planned for and I am quite okay with that. It’s on a rooftop of a museum in Pasadena and it will be magical and fantabulous and I couldn’t be more excited.

Also, thank you everyone for reassuring me that it would all work out eventually because it finally is! Now to just plan the rest of the wedding, haha.

So August 28, 2010 we’re officially friends again and Say Yes to the Dress you are my weakness.

we’re getting married!!

happy wednesday!

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