Why hello Tuesday and your Hollywoodness how are you today?

  • Bringing in some major cuteness for today we have the Rossdale boys. Seriously they just ooze adorableness I can barely take it, love it!


  • And a newbie to my blog is the adorable Judah Marley with her dad Ziggy as they smile away at Macy’s Day Parade. Seriously they are quite the cute pair.


  • And how could I not include my favorite little Violet Affleck today? It’s her fourth birthday! Happy birthday Violet! Keep staying cute :)


  • Moving on from the babies onto some other Hollywood happenings…Sandra Bullock got a fabulous chola makeover on the George Lopez show and it’s hilarious….My favorite, Joshua Jackson, will be starring in a new movie called UFO, hopefully it’s good because of course I’ll watch anything he is in….Tiger Woods got in a mysterious car accident over the weekend and it’s just all sorts of weird, hopefully he’s okay…the first movie poster for IronMan 2 was released and I gotta say I can’t wait to see it!
  • Unrelated I haven’t been the biggest Tom Cruise fan lately but I gotta admit he does still look pretty good, same with Cameron Diaz and I heart this picture of them on set of their new movie.

    hey hot shots.

  • In Twilight news…
    Taylor Lautner did his best Ariel impersonation in the latest edition of Rolling Stone and it’s pretty funny, cute, but funny.

    Also my interview with the wolf pack is finally up, check it out it’s definitely my favorite of the bunch:

  • And in TV news…
    Criminal Minds. Holy Crap! Do you watch this show? If you like crime shows you should be. But I mean really, such an intense 100th episode. Basically the Reaper was back and he found Hodge’s family in witness protection and it was just scary and crazy and suspenseful and ah! And even though Hodge’s wife died and that was uber sad I was glad his son was okay and the Reaper is gone and man, like wo.

    Glee. Um love this show. Love the songs, love the love triangles, love it all. But I do not love the fact that Sue was sincerely nice for like one episode and then back to her evil tactics, she’s funny but man she’s horrible.

    Brothers and Sisters. Oh man I love this show and love the Walkers. But man I feel bad for Justin right now, failing med school, baby on the way that he doesn’t know about and he had a drink again! Nooooo. But man Robert has really stepped it up lately and that makes me incredibly happy.

    Desperate Housewives. Check out my recap over here as always.

  • And lastly in today’s WTF news we have fame seekers that put John Gosselin, Octomom and Balloon Boy’s family to shame (well sort of). But over the weekend two people crashed the White House dinner. Yeah who knew it was possible to crash a party at the White House?

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!