Turkey with a side of wine and birthday cake.

Oh hello everyone! I’ve missed you so much. I don’t remember the last time I left so little on my blog and for so long, it was sort of weird. But I figured myself and the blog both deserved a small holiday break. Anyhoozits it was a fabulous holiday weekend and don’t mind if I share…

Wednesday: After getting out of work early Matt and I hung out for most of the afternoon before heading out to Shogun with Michaela’s family which was a lovely time.

the whole crazy group.

After dinner Matt and I made our way to this bar in Old Town to celebrate my sister’s birthday. It was so much fun. Then again I drank enough wine for two people so of course it was fun, but really it was a good time hanging out with some of her friends some of my friends, drinking wine, eating the giant chocolate chip cookie cake I got her.

Jess, Kourt and Andrew.

Megan, me, Matt and JR having a good time.

seriously that cake was divine. best birthday present
giver award goes to me, haha!

After the birthday party Matt, Megan, JR and I all headed to Twin Palms for their last night to do some more drinking and some sort of dancing and all that jazz. Basically it was a ridiculous night that was lots of fun, for me at least.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!! Spent my morning being a bum, watching TV, trying to not be hungover before heading over to visit some cousins with the family. Afterwards we all headed over to Matt’s mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Why yes you read that right, after last year’s success we decided to mesh the families again! And it was a lot of fun. Matt was an excellent cook and his family was excellent company and it was just all sorts of a good time.

After dinner we cleaned up and hung out for a bit before heading over to my aunt and uncle’s house for dessert with the rest of the family. Seriously, I think dessert may be my favorite part of Thanksgiving, I’m a sucker for pumpkin pie and I love being with my whole family. Once dinner was over me, Matt, my aunt and sister all headed to a dive bar near my apartment for some drinks and some laughs and basically just more good times.

Friday: A whole day of lazy. No really I was such a lazy bum it was ridiculous. I cleaned up the apartment, watched TV, played lots of Style Savvy, did some wedding planning while watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on TLC and just enjoyed a day to myself. Eventually it was time to go out and Matt and I went to another bar in Old Town for another birthday celebration for my sister. It was another fun time, got to hang with my cousin and Matt and just enjoy ourselves. After Matt and I got home we pretty much ended the night with a How I Met Your Mother marathon because that show is legen….wait for it…..dary!

Saturday: Went and saw a matinee showing of Precious with my sister and cousin which was definitely eye opening. Seriously that movie was really good, I don’t ever need to see it again but I’m glad I saw it once. After the movie I went to Michaela’s parent’s house for the afternoon to hang out which was fun, then eventually made our way to Matt’s dad’s house for a second Thanksgiving. Twas another good night overall that ended with another How I Met Your Mother mini marathon, haha.

Sunday: Decorated the apartment for Christmas while watching Love Actually which was superb before heading for an afternoon walk. And for dinner was another birthday celebration for my sister and my aunt at Cameron’s. Basically birthdays are a big deal in my family, haha.

So yes that was my weekend, relaxing yet busy but all sorts of fun.

And how was your holiday weekend?

happy monday!