Hollywood slaptacular.

Why hello Tuesday, how are you today? Full of Hollywood goodness? Awesome.

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have little Ava Jackman riding high on daddy Hugh’s shoulders. Seriously she is too cute and I love how he’s always with his kids.


  • Next up, I believe making their debut on my blog is Marissa Jaret Winokur and her super adorable son Zev. Seriously this family photo just makes me happy because they’re so happy, love it.

    the cuteness!

  • Moving on from the bebes to some random Hollywoodness…
    Although the Galaxy lost in some MLS division game or something but I think it’s super cute that David Beckham has his kids’ names on his shoes….Paula Deen got hit with a flying ham…Ryan Phillipe went for a shirtless stroll and no one objected….TMZ has new picture outtakes from The Hangover which are hilarious…Jason Segel surprised concert goers of the Swell Season by opening up for this with a hilarious number, basically I heart him even more than I already did…I would love to own Natalie Portman’s outfit that she wore to the premiere or Brothers because it is just amazing!

    work it girl!

  • And in today’s Twilight news….
    In case you were living in a hole you saw that New Moon came out on Friday and broke all sorts of opening weekend records, huzzah. Speaking of the actual movie, this may be one of the most hilarious Twilight pranks ever. Love it. (although I probably would have been sad if it had happened to me, haha).

    Oh and if you can’t get enough of Rob Pattinson check out the trailer for Remember Me that was released last week. I’m quite intrigued and according to LTT it’s pretty good.

    Also in Twilightness, here’s my interview with Taylor Lautner and the Cullen family in case you haven’t gone to the ATT Share Facebook page yet. (my interviews with Kristen and Rob are here). And hopefully one day my interviews with the Volturi and the wolf pack will go live and stay live because those are just as awesome.

    me and Taylor Lautner, woo.

    me with the Cullens.

  • And moving on to some music news…
    Josh Kelley is going country! Well it’s a good thing I love his music no matter what and I have a feeling a country album from him will be awesome, so woo Josh.

    The AMAs.
    Adam Lambert had some crotch action, fell down and kissed a guy.
    Lady Gaga looked ridiculous as always but I loved it and her performance was pretty amazing.
    I learned who Gloriana is.
    I recognized Colbie Caillat and thought she looked fabulous.
    Whitney Houston pretty much rocked it I thought and damn she looked good.
    Taylor Swift is having the best year ever.
    Michael Jackson’s siblings (except Janet) officially creep me out.
    Alicia Keys and Jay Z make me like “Empire State of Mind” the more I hear them perform it like.
    Pics from the night here and the winners here.

  • And in TV news…
    Top Model. We have a winner. And I knew it would be Nicole. As much as I loved Laura and her country ways I knew she wouldn’t win it. And can someone please explain to me why Eddie Murphy’s daughter was in the runway show and why he was there? Yeah weird. But speaking of the final runway, I was a fan. Loved all the elements, definitely made it entertaining.

    Project Runway. Again I knew Irina would win but I didn’t want her too. I was such a fan of Carol Hannah’s all season, I would buy all of her dresses.

    How I Met Your Mother. First of all, thank you Modern Gal for directing me towards Barney’s twitter because it’s hilarious. Second, love last night’s Slapsgiving 2. Seriously I laugh so much when I watch this show and I was pretty much in tears over Barney when Robin and Ted were debating the slap. However it was amazing that Marshall ended it all with a grand slap, I almost wish there was another song, haha. But alas still amazing, still heart this show.

  • And lastly in today’s WTF news we have two ridiculous stories. One. an eleven year old girl in Bulgaria is now a wife and a mother…say what? Yeah ridiculous and crazy and just wow. And two. imagine wanting to find your biological father and turns out it was Charles Manson, well that happened to a local LA guy, yikes.

Anything I missed let me know!

happy tuesday!