Cake samples all around!

Well another weekend come and gone but thank goodness this is a short week, woo! Anyhoozits it was another fairly relaxing weekend of awesome if I do say so myself.

Friday: Came home to tend to my oh so sick fiance. Seriously it was bad and I’m just glad I didn’t get whatever Matt had. But yeah nothing too excited, caught up on the DVR and were basically bums, it was nice.

Saturday: Did a whole lotta nothing til about three which was just as awesome as the night before. I think we all deserve to do nothing every once and a while. However after three we were uber productive and actually did wedding stuff, wahoo! No really, we went to see a potential venue all decked out for a wedding that day (and I may or may not be in love!! so fingers crossed people) then afterwards we went to check out a potential caterer which was awesome too, I love people that are willing to help. After a successful day of weddingness my friend AJ came up to hang out and we had some delicious Italian food then came back to have some wine and watch G.I. Joe, twas a good time all around.

Sunday: Ran a whole bunch of errands before going back to the catering place with Matt for an afternoon of taste testing. Seriously can we taste test every weekend?! There was so much good food it was amazing! And we even got to leave with a box of cake samples…

ooooh yummy!

Seriously so dang tasty and so exciting that we’re finally getting somewhere with our wedding planning, woo! After the tasting we hung out for a bit before heading to my parent’s house for my brother and sister’s 14th and 22nd birthday party, woo. I love birthdays and cake and ice cream and family time and all around a good time.

So basically it was a lovely weekend all around full of weddingess and friends and family and good times all around.

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!