New Moon Friday: the movie, the winner and the interviews!!!

Oh yes, it’s New Moon Friday, wee!

And there are several awesome things on today’s New Moon agenda as you can tell, so here we go!

One. I can finally talk about the movie! But I won’t because I know not everyone went out at midnight to go see a showing. However I will say a few spoiler-free things.

  • I most definitely liked the movie, like a lot.
  • I forgot how little the Cullens and Volturi are actually in it.
  • There should have been more motorcycle riding scenes.
  • A whole lot more kissing between Bella and Edward and I do not object.
  • All the scenes with the humans are quite hilarious.
  • The wolf pack is hot. As if that wasn’t obvious already.

Two. The Soundtrack giveaway winner!! Thanks to everyone that entered, I loved your emo band names, so funny. And the winner is…..

Mrs. Soup with her emo band name, Pigs Are Made of Food, haha.
Congrats! and email me your info and I’ll send the soundtrack your way!

and Three. In case you missed my tweets and Facebook update yesterday, some of my New Moon interviews are officially up at the AT&T Share Page, just go to Events and Promotions and they are there, woo!! Also check out the main AT&T Share Fan Page for more Twilight goodness. And in case you’re not on Facebook check out my Rob and Kristin interviews here and squeeeee along with me (just don’t mind how crazy my hair was that day, I swear it has a mind of its own sometimes…okay all of the time):

Me with Kristen Stewart!
Me with Rob Pattinson!
So ta da! The interviews, well two of them at least! Exciting right? Ridiculous? Yes. Can I believe it really happened? Not totally, but I’ve rewatched these videos more times than I can count, haha. And yes Jamie in Chicago is most definitely this Jamie, I mean I had to let someone in on the secret and who better than one of the people to introduce me to Twilight!

Anyhoozits, how are you spending New Moon Friday? :)

happy weekend!