All smiles in Hollywood.

Well I know I just had a Hollywood post on Thursday but now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming and Tuesdays equal Hollywood around these parts. So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the fabulousness of Hollywood today.

  • For this week’s first cute bebe we have one of my favooorites, little Sasha Shriver. Seriously his smile in this picture is just so adorable and the fact that doting dad Liev is smiling too is even more heart warming.


  • Another one of my favorite little guys in Hollywood is Zuma Rossdale. Seriously he is just a cutie pie and love his big grin.


  • Moving on from the bebes on onto some movie premieres.
    The Private Lives of Pippa Lee premiered in New York over the weekend and the ladies wore some daring outfits while my man Keanu looks like he hasn’t had a hair cut in months, months I say! Keanu this is a call to action from one of your biggest fans, please cut your hair, it just looks gross. But thank you for shaving, very much appreciated.

    all I see in this picture is Keanu’s hair, haha.

    Also premiering over the weekend was Law Abiding Citizen in Scotland and Gerard Butler showed up rocking a kilt. And he can definitely pull it off, woo woo.

    oh handsome.

  • In this week’s Twilight news there is lots to share!
    One. Lots of hawt outtakes from the trinity’s EW photo shoot. Check em out.
    Two. Don’t forget to enter my New Moon soundtrack giveaway!
    Three. UC and Moon from Letters to Twilight did a hilarious dramatic reading from the EW interview.
    Four. The trinity looked quite fabulous in Munich.
    Five. But even more fabulous at the LA premiere or New Moon last night!!

    okay I rarely say this, but Kristen looked

    and as always Rob looked quite dashing.

    Not only were Kristen and Rob looking amazing but the whole cast looked pretty dang fabulous. And man I wish I was there.

  • In movie/music news…
    So you know how I saw This Is It over the weekend? Yeah well I can’t stop listening to “Human Nature” now. Absolutely love that song. Heart Michael’s music. forever and eva.
  • And in TV news…
    Top Model. Well I already recapped last week’s episode but Four Four’s recaps are always better so check it out. Oh and apparently Miss J is no longer going to be a judge but more so a Mr. Jay and help the models along. And taking his place at the judging table? Kimora Lee! Good gracious that’s going to be a lot of diva at one panel, haha.

    How I Met Your Mother. Lorenzo von Matterhorn (love that it was the most googled term yesterday), way too funny. Seriously as much as I liked Barney and Robin together, I love single Barney again, his Playbook was amazing. My Penis is a Genie, Mrs. Stinsfire, the Scuba Diver, love it all.

    Glee. Love this show! Love that Sue actually has a soft side and for a legitimate reason. Love Artie’s solo, seriously love it. Love Puck’s drugged out cupcakes and how much he likes Quinn, it’s cute but sad. And um LOVE “Defying Gravity”, obviously.

    Criminal Minds. Gavin Rossdale was a creepy guest star on last week’s episode but he still managed to look good. And who knew he was British? Because I didn’t, haha.

    Grey’s Anatomy. Izzy is bugging the crap out of me. And looks like she’ll be leaving again in a bit anyways, so that’s okay. But I do still heart Sloane and Callie and their work wife/work husband relationship. But ah! I may have gotten all teary when the big Chief reveal came forward that he’s basically an alcoholic.

    Desperate Housewives. Oh yes another review is up! Check it out.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF story we have a major wuss. A 21 year old kid from Arizona thought it would be funny to break some windows using an airgun. But when he got arrested it was all that funny any more because his mug shot pictures are just hilarious.

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy tuesday!