"A virgin lit the candle!"

So last year we started this tradition with our neighbor to carve pumpkins and watch Hocus Pocus before Halloween. So we did it again last night and it was awesome. Seriously I love my friends, love Halloween and love Hocus Pocus.

After dinner we headed to the pumpkin patch nearby and had fun picking out our pumpkins and cracking jokes along the way.

And then we set up shop.

pumpkins. check.
newspapers. check.

scalpel. check.

And once the pumpkins were set and the newspapers out we all got to work!

Matt and Jeff discussing sketches for their pumpkins.

Erica and Breanna cutting into their pumpkins.

mmmm pumpkin guts!

Basically it was so much fun trying to figure out what to carve and quoting the movie and making fun of the movie and tearing out pumpkin guts and yeah, good times all around. Ultimately we had our own pumpkin brigade by the end of the night and I gotta say they looked pretty great.

the corpse bride pumpkin, silly face, sillier face,
jack skeleton and a pirate flag.
yeah we’re awesome.

all lit up!

Matt and I posing on our yard, woo!

Aren’t they awesome? Seriously it was too much fun and I love Halloween! And I can’t wait for this weekend, lots of piratey fun arrrrrrrrrgh!

Have you carved your pumpkins? What are your Halloween plans?


happy friday!