Weird Katelin food facts.

So yesterday’s tweet inspired me to share some fun/random/weird food facts about myself. Some of which I may have shared before, some maybe not, but I’m too lazy to look at past posts and find out, so here we go.

One. I’ve never had a pear.

Two. I don’t like fruit clumps in my yogurt.

Three. I also don’t like clumpy jelly/jam and pretty much spread it out so that there are no fruit clumps.

Four. I ask my smoothies to be super blended for the same reasons. Basically I hate fruit clumps.

Five. I don’t like strawberries, oranges, mushrooms and especially not zucchini/squash.

Six. I can only eat an apple if it’s crispy, if it’s soft yeah there’s no way.

Seven. As we all know, I can pretty much eat cheese with every meal. All cheese included. I have yet to meet a cheese I don’t like.

Eight. Frozen fruits (especially grapes and bananas) gross me out even if chocolate is involved.

Nine. One of my favorite food combos is tuna, green apple, cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.

Ten. I used to hate onions and tomatoes but now I love them and add them to everything. Especially burgers. Yummm.

nom nom nom.

So am I the only weird eater out there or do you have weird food quirks too?

happy weekend all!

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