4.5 days.

That’s what my weekend is. 4.5 days of freedom! Woo!

Yesterday I took a half day off of work and today I’m taking the whole day off and then Monday I get Columbus day off, basically the makings of another fabulous weekend!

And with the way my busy life’s been going I could use the days off.

However it won’t be an all around relaxing weekend, in case you hadn’t seen my tweets, this weekend I’m in my cousin’s wedding. And not only am I in it, I’m her MOH (maid of honor for all you non-wedding types)! So yes I have another wedding, haha. And yes this one will be just as fun and amazing as the others with just one addition, lots of family!

I’m quite excited to get all dolled up and fancy and dance and party away with my family.

But I’m even more excited for my cousin Christina and her fiance Henry! Woo for weddings, especially when family is involved.

me and Matt with the happy couple!

Any weddings this weekend for you guys or is it just me, haha?

happy friday!

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