Dress me please!!

So remember when I said I spent a lot of money this past weekend? Yeah well part of it was due to the fact that I bought not one, not two but three potential dresses to wear to Virginia’s wedding this weekend!

And this is where you all come in. Some of you already voted on me purchasing dress number three but I need help! I’m only keeping one of these dresses because I don’t need all three and I could return them for some more Autumn appropriate clothes so I need your vote pretty please. And don’t mind my crazy hair and slouching posture (I really need to work on that!). Anyhoozits, THANKS! And VOTE! :)

Dress number one.

I can wear my yellow shoes with it.
Super comfy.
Bright and cute and colorful.

Not so pro:
It’s straplessish so I have to make sure
my bra doesn’t show.

Dress number two.

Super cute.
I can wear leggings or tights.
I have a cute black coat to go with it.

Not so pro:
It’s a little short, but that’s what leggings are for!

Dress number three.

I can wear a regular bra.
It’s super colorful and eye catching.
Another comfy one.

Not so pro:
I have a feeling I might get cold, but that’s
what coats are for right?

So yeah just let me know what you think in the comments and I’ll be forever grateful, I’m so indecisive! Oh and update to add. I do have a coat, don’t worry. I used to live in Ohio so I know how cold it gets :)

I’ll let you know which one I picked when I come back from the wedding in Ohio on Monday, hope you all have a great weekend! But do stop by tomorrow and Friday for two fabulous guest bloggers, woo.

happy wednesday!

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