Wedding Do’s.

So yesterday (almost two months after I posted it) I got another “bridezilla” comment on my Wedding Don’ts post. Seriously people?

However I did realize that I had yet to post a Wedding Do’s post. So in all my bridezillaness (ha!) I present the Wedding Do’s (so far, because I know this list is going to grow, haha.)

  • Good food. Matt loves cooking, I try to cook, my dad is a caterer, Matt’s brother went to culinary school, so it’s no surprise that we have some semi-high expectations of the food at the our wedding. Basically we want some delicious food to serve. I seriously cannot wait to do taste tests, man that will be fun.
  • Dancing. Even if I don’t want all the corny songs it doesn’t mean there won’t be dancing! I expect lots and lots of dancing! So a good DJ is definitely top priority. And although I was against the Conga line apparently I don’t object to doing it at other people’s weddings as evidenced by this mystery pic that showed up from the last wedding I went to.

    all together now…haha.

  • Our own vows. Although I’m no Shakespeare I think writing our own vows could be fun. Chances are something about Speed and ESPN will be mentioned but hey why not right?
  • Craftiness. I’ve been so inspired by some of the weddings I’ve been to (and will be going to) lately by the creative ideas and DIYness that I really want to do some fun crafty stuff for our wedding.
  • Pictures, pictures and more pictures. I love pictures (obviously). And we plan on having a photo booth or backdrop of some kind for our guests to take crazy pics, on top of what pics the photographer(s) will be taking. And let’s be honest what’s a wedding without the fun and silly pictures?
  • Fun. Obviously! We want our wedding to be fun! And now that we’re so much closer to making some big decisions, the actual planning has commenced and the fun ideas are coming closer to being a reality (wahoo!).

What are some of your wedding do’s?

happy thursday!

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