So it’s not Tuesday, but Wednesdays are just as good for Hollywood news right?

  • Starting off this week’s cute bebes we have two of my faves Violet and Seraphina Affleck! Seriously they are just some of the most precious kids in Hollywood.

    look at those wittle feet and aw she’s so cute!

    looks like she might need some new pants, haha
    but man she is adorable.

  • And for some more cute bebeness we have little Honor Marie Warren. She is pretty cute and um she’s definitely got some sass going on in this picture, sort of love it.

    little miss fierceness!

  • And on from the cute bebes to some cute coupleness, Matt Damon and his wife Luciana are just so cute and in love and were dashing at the Venice Film Festival this weekend. Seriously, heart them.

    so cute!

  • In some Hollywood random news: Christina Milian and the Dream got hitched in Vegas over the weekend, my favorite TV host Ty Ty showed off her natural hair on her season premiere, the McCoaughey family is all sorts of cuteness and Tila Tequilla accused her football player boyfriend of choking her (not cool even if she is all sorts of annoying).
  • In this week’s Twilightness we have lots to report on:
    1. Some crazy nut made a Twilight maze. A maze I tell you. Oh goodness.
    2.Kristen and Rob were spotted out in public over the weekend and ohmygod Kristen what is wrong with your hair!? Please get rid of the Joan Jett hair, it’s horrendous. And please tell me you two aren’t dating.
    3. Some new New Moon posters were released and mmmmmlovely.

    Oh can it please be November already?

  • And in TV news….
    Grey’s Anatomy. So looks like Katherine Heigl is going to take a little break from Grey’s and film a movie or something? Is she going to go into a coma? Go on vacation? Eh I don’t even care. But I do care that the show will be more character centric, I just hope it’s a good season. Don’t fail me now Shonda!

    Greek. Can I please be best friends with Cappie?? Seriously heart him! I’d love to go get drinks with him and Barney, man that would be awesome.

    How I Met Your Mother aka my favorite show that’s currently on TV and possibly ever. In case you need a reminder of what happened in Season 4, there’s a new YouTube channel that provides it all. So check it out.
    And um Season 5 is right around the corner and BuzzSugar posted some crazy and pretty funny pics of what’s to come. But don’t look if you don’t want to see any spoilers. However, I have to post this pic of Lily at her new “job”, haha. Oh man.

    oh la la Lily!

    Oh man I can’t wait for this show to come back! Oh! And because Alexa is awesome and sent me this promo clip of NPH for the Emmy’s! Ah! Heart him.

    Ellen. Is. Awesome. Seriously I wish I could watch Daytime TV but alas there is no time. Anyhoo just check out Ellen’s dance number in her season opener with the crew of SYTYCD. So Ellen and so awesome.

  • And in movie news…
    Apparently Keanu is producing and starring in an upcoming romantic comedy, Henry’s Crimes. A RomCom? Keanu? Please tell me he’ll shave for this one. And yes I’ll probably see this opening night and I have no idea what it’s about, haha.

    Sex and the City 2. Now I wasn’t a huge SATCer back in the day (what? I didn’t have HBO), but I’ve seen my fair share of repeats on TBS, I watched all of season 3 with my roommate in college and I definitely saw and own SATC the movie. And I gotta say, seeing all the ladies back together again is pretty awesome.

    fabulous ladies, simply fabulous.

    Inception. Okay this movie has Leo (le swoon), Ellen Page (oh hey, where have you been hiding since Juno?) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (10 Things I Heart About You! okay that was dorky, haha). But um yeah I don’t really know what this movie is about either but I’ll probably want to see it just because.

    oh hey guys, nice work.

  • In music news…
    This week’s song of the moment is the ending song from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (aka amazing movie of the 80s! Amazing!), Q-Feel’s “Dancing in Heaven.” Basically you should listen and love it. You’re welcome.
  • Lastly we have today’s WTF news we have a random one in the world of chess. A French grandmaster showed up drunk to an international chess tournament and passed out after eleven turns! He ended up losing on technical grounds. So moral of the story kids, don’t drink and play chess.

Anything I missed? Let me know!

happy wednesday!