Say Cheese.

Hi my name is Katelin and I’m a cheeseaholic.

It’s been four days since I last had cheese and I’m surprisingly okay with that.

Remember my “cheese free week” plan? Yeah well I’ve actually kept to it. I’ve even turned down mid week glasses of wine, said no to sweets (not counting the popcorn I had, because giving up cheese AND popcorn is just plain cruel). Last night was definitely my biggest test with cheese as I went to a Mexican restaurant with my family for my dad’s birthday. Now if you didn’t know, I freaking love enchiladas and rice and beans. So getting tacos and then asking for beans without cheese was quite the accomplishment for me. My dad and brothers looked at me like I was a crazy person (well I admit, I was sort of acting out of character) until I explained what my plan was, which is still kind of crazy.

But sadly I still have yet to get up early and work out on the Wii Fit or go walking with my mom because of all of the smoke in the air. So I give myself a big fat fail for that. At least on Saturday I’ll be getting my bridesmaid dress, which is the ultimate motivation to stare me down every day for a month, haha.

However, it’s not helpful when all I can think about eating is Nicole‘s baked mac and cheese, haha. (yes Nicole that means you need to come back to Cali and make me some okay? Sweet, thanks, haha).

Anything you’re giving up or cutting back on lately?

happy thursday!

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