Happy Birthday to my Dad….and Keanu!

Because today is both my dad and Keanu Reeve’s birthday I thought I’d write some birthday odes in their honor. Also fun fact that is probably the only thing to connect both guys is the fact that when I went off to college my dad bought me Speed on DVD because I only had it on VHS. Not only that, it was a two disc special edition of awesome. So yes my dad is awesome and Keanu is pretty dang cool too.

yeah I used this pic last year, but I love it.

Ode to Dad.

Dad you are a talker,
and mostly a slow walker.
Clearly I get that trait from you
something I definitely do not want to undo.
You also know how to lighten up a room,
something else I got from you.
I love you even if I don’t always say it
So thank you for being the dad that you are every single bit.

oh hello Jack Traven.

Ode to Keanu.
Ever since I saw you in Speed
I thought you were the coolest actor indeed.
Even if you always said ‘woa’,
I still thought you were a rising star on the go.
And clearly you are since you keep getting hired,
and making all sorts of movies without getting fired.
I hope for your birthday you decide to shave a bit,
but if you don’t I won’t throw a fit.
If you want some cake just come my way,
I’ll have it all ready for your special day.
You’re the top of my list that I want to meet
So stop on over for a birthday treat!
But really I hope your birthday is great
so have a good time and celebrate!

So there are my odes, and man are they corny but it’s what I got today.

Happy birthday Dad and Keanu!

happy wednesday!

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