No Plans.

Did you see that? No plans. Yes it’s true kidlets, I have NO PLANS this weekend. Well no set-in-stone plans that just haaaave to get done. But um, do you know how glorious this is going to be. I can sleep in, relax, do some wedding stuff, see some friends, drink some wine, relax some more, play some Wii, watch bad TV. Ah! I cannot wait.

I do not remember the last time we had a ‘no plans’ weekend. I feel like I’ve constantly been on the go for the past couple months and doing a whole lotta nothing sounds divine. It especially sounds divine since I’ve got plans from next weekend all the way to the middle of October, haha it’s ridiculous, my life is ridiculous.

So yes, weekend I am ready for you and the no plans. Bring it on. I dare you. :)

two of my favorite things happening this weekend.
time with Matt.
for the win.

Any plans for you this weekend?

happy friday!