Hollywood is hawt.

Another Tuesday, another day to post some Hollywood scoop! Are you ready?

  • Starting off today’s cute bebeness we have some of the cutest guys in the music world, Zuma and Kingston Rossdale. Seriously they are little rock stars in the making, I love it.
    oh i just want to squeeze those cheeks!

    grrrrring and still so cute

  • Also looking precious as always is little Suri Cruise running through a field with a funny expression on her face. But yeah I thought it was cute and blogworthy, so tada:
    oh she’s so cute

  • Moving on from the cuteness to some tweeness, oh yes the Teen Choice awards. No I didn’t watch it but I did see some of the pics. So I picked a few to share with you:

    miss Brit lookin fabulous

    the ladies of My Sister’s Keeper looking fabulous

    yeah I’d say they deserve choice hotties

    oh yes Twilight took home 11 awards, heart

  • And of course in some Twilight news… Letters to Twilight had a huge RPatz/KStew spotting over the weekend and the internets went wild! So of course I have to repost it! Basically they were seen leaving a concert together and being all sneaky like and umm please don’t be together, Rob you are too cute and Kristen is too weird k? Thanks.
  • In movie news….
    Sad news to the movie world, director/write John Hughes passed away unexpectedly last week. His resume is pretty amazing and I gotta say that Sixteen Candles is by far my fave of his flicks. He will definitely be missed.

    Last week Jen at Daily Mish Mash posted this snippet to Keanu’s new movie, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and I gotta say I’m pretty intrigued. It looks quite interesting and very dramaful.

    So remember that movie Valentine’s Day that a bagillion people are in? Yeah well Eric Dane aka Dr. McSteamy is in it and umm he gets shirtless and that’s reason enough for me to see this movie, haha.


  • And in TV news…
    John and Kate plus eight. I watched last week’s episodes. And I gotta say it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be. Still sad and a bit weird at times but ohmygosh those kids are freakin adorable. I loved when they were at the beach and Aaden was like “I’d been wishing for the beach and now we’re here!”. Seriously my heart melted a little bit. So yeah I’m glad they brought the show back to the kids because they are amazing and so cute and maybe I’ll keep watching.

    Fall premieres. Have you marked your calendars yet? All of our favorite shows are returning soon and TV Guide has the whole list on their site and it’s sort of amazing and I’m sort of really excited for my shows to come back.

    Fringe. Well nothing really about Fringe except Josh Jackson was promoting it over the weekend at the TCAs and was in my town! And I missed him! Oh well. Also in Josh news, him and Diane are probably the cutest Hollywood couple ever. And um he was in the airport yesterday/this morning and I missed him again!

    Come on Josh, one meetup is just not enough :)

  • And lastly in today’s WTF news….Claire Cruise is a crazy crazy woman. She held a press conference to annouce the fact that she is Michael Jackson’s kids’s biological mother and that Michael is the biological father to Tom Cruise’s son Connor. Um say what? Yeah all the crazies are really coming out.
  • Oh and one more story non-Hollywood related story, Dana (from Just Talk)’s adorable pup Lola is up for a cutest dog contest. So go vote for the preciousness, she’s pretty darn cute.

Anything I missed today? Let me know!

happy tuesday!