Hello wedding season!

Another whirlwind weekend come and gone and boy was it awesome, seriously I mean awesome.

Friday: Ran some errands before heading to LAX with Matt for our flight to New Mexico! We hung out for a while and before we boarded we ran into a friend of ours who was on the same flight as us, sweeeet party flight. So we all sat next to each other and chatted the whole way and even got free drinks from the guy sitting behind us who had a ton of drink tickets (thanks!). Basically it was a fun flight to say the least, haha. Oh so funny story once we landed, if you saw my tweet you saw that we had a celeb sighting (woo!). Apparently my letter to celebs just switched to Albuquerque instead of LAX and we saw Seth Meyers from SNL. He is super freakin tan! Other than that I just let him be and was like ‘oh hey there a celeb, schnazzy pants.’

After the airport Matt and I headed to our hotel to check in and relax before the rest of our friends got in. Eventually after some dinner all of our friends came together and we all headed to the hotel bar for some drinking and then a sketchy bar later on. It was quite the adventure and oh so much fun. I wish all of my friends lived close to each other again, but man what a great night.

Saturday: Wedding day! We didn’t do a whole lot before the wedding except a quick trip to the mall but really all Saturday was about was our friends’ Blake and Sydney’s wedding. The wedding was at this oh so quaint and cute lavender field/farm in the middle of nowhere. It was seriously adorable and the perfect place for a wedding (minus the bugs, oh the bugs, they did not read my letter, the bugs attacked me and it wasn’t pretty). Okay time to let some of the pictures do some talking:

such a laid back and adorable couple

all the high school guys all dressed up and fancy like

me and Matt with the dashing groom

ohmygod we’re next!
well it’s still a year away but still :)

Steve and Karen, our roomies for the weekend,
heart them

cutting the cake! and ummm there were cupcakes!
so tasty!

the bride getting down in her purple converse,
love it

the boys getting down to “Thriller”

I loved my new corsage, haha

“Shout” got everyone to the floor, haha

and then back up again

a nice surprise for the bride and groom, haha

and we continued the party back at the hotel

Basically the wedding was fun, my friends and I dominated the bar and the dance floor, the cupcakes were phenomenal, dinner was delish, my friends crack me up, and I love weddings. It was a fantastic wedding and it was great to hang out with all of my friends. I wish we could do it all over again, I don’t get to hang out with those guys enough. But hey I guess that’s what my wedding is for next year :)

Sunday: Woke up surprisingly not hungover (which was awesome) and rounded up the group to meet for brunch at Sydney’s parents’ house. We basically spent the whole afternoon there before heading to the airport since we were all on the same flight. Also funny, we ran into Phil in the airport and got to hang out with him for a bit which a fun surprise. And again the flight was pretty fun since there were four of us and the guys played hangman while the ladies took a nap, haha. Eventually Matt and I made it home and it was so nice to be back and relax a bit before Monday showed up.

And that my friends is my first wedding of the year and it was a great way to kick things off. Man I love weddings :)

and how was your weekend?

happy monday!