Send in a doctor.

So I’m sort of half-sick, fully exhausted and in need of a doctor. And if I could request a doctor to tend to me today, these are probably the ones I’d go with:

  • Dr. Sloane.
    Yeah I don’t need any plastic surgery but I wouldn’t mind him hanging around my bedside all day, haha.

  • Dr. Ross.
    Yeah he can just walk around with Dr. Sloane, I won’t object.

  • Dr. Yang.
    She would tell me to shut the hell up and stop my sicky whining and then I’d probably go drink some tequilla with her and all would be better.

  • Dr. Dorian.
    He would have me laughing with random scenarios as I lay sick in bed. And he’d probably bring me OJ too, which is quite nice.

  • *updated* Dr. Cullen.
    I blame the Sudafed for making me forget Dr. Cullen. He’s just so nice and even though he’s a vampire and all I wouldn’t be upset if he made a house call with I don’t know, Edward perhaps? :)

Yeah I think I’d be good with any of those doctors stopping by to take care of me. I’d also be good with just being healthy already! Come on now!

What doctor(s) would you want to make you feel better?

happy wednesday!